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  1. I'm not a employee, I received a email from Chevrolet for 1500.00 off a new 2019 Silverado crew cab, can only transfer within household
  2. Guys, I have a 2018 LT truck with DL8 mirrors, looking to install OEM camping mirrors, I'm only expecting heated mirrors and power adj which is the current setup.. Do I need to change any harnesses? If so best place to source. Thanks for any and all feedback
  3. Costco has the replacement battery for 115.00 and it comes with a 42 month replacement guarantee. They told me if you think it's weak at say 40 months, bring it in for a free replacement, no questions asked.
  4. My 14 did the same and the front was in 4 wheel, which you will know as soon as you turn on dry pavement going slow. Mine needed the update and it has been fine ever since. When going slow and turning on dry pavement is when you will notice the fronts binding more so than driving fast.
  5. Seller offers it to you for 400.00 then sells it to another guy for 500.00 and blames his handicap friend , what a piss poor way to sell, he should be banned!
  6. What does this actually do for a 2014 Silverado, I have a 2014
  7. I too had some issues with this guy, paid via paypal, instead of shipping he finally refunded my money through PP, he wanted me to send it via paypal friends and family but I didn't because i was afraid of not getting the mirrors and not having any recourse. He offered a better price for not using PP, just didn't trust him, guess my suspicions were correct
  8. I added a used 2015 power sliding window system to my 2014 LTZ, it required some new interior trim pieces, new overhead panel, wiring harness, and switch. It also requires a new fuse box òn the right side dash that has the required circuit for power slider
  9. What is the difference between these left hand power fold mirrors 23241465 and 23351794 I was told they were the same but I couldn't find any info on the 23351794 Appreciate any information
  10. I've seen this same style and size mat for sale at costco just two days ago
  11. I've got a set of OEM gm 22's that are brand new with Chevy center's TPMS Road forced balanced Brand new tires molding tits still present, no miles Wheels alone were 2500.00 Ready to mount on vehicle 2500.00 picked up, will discuss shipping Can't load pictures seem to be too big, supply me your number and I will forward you some pics
  12. See post 1159, this is exactly what you need, not sure what 23241469, these are power folding mirrors, will work with existing controls in your truck, the harnesses allow the other lighting functions to work correctly on the power folding mirrors.
  13. The power fold mirror part numbers are. 23241465 and 23241467 and to make them work correctly on your 14 LTZ you should also buy the correct wiring harnesses which are 23171564 and 23171567, these replace the existing one, otherwise all the functions won't work.
  14. Can you confirm part numbers for me? Mirrors - 23241465 23241467 Harnesses - 23171564 23171567
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