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  1. First they told me to adjust the shell so no edges touch the bed, but the shell is so tight there is no room for adjustment. The next best thing is to add shims on the bed rails to lift the shell so it clears the corners. I'll have to do this once winter is over with as it's not practical.
  2. Here are some pictures of the damage my ARE Z-SERIES did after taking it off for the first time. The dealer and ARE customer service said all trucks are built differently and not perfectly square to there mold and so there will be some tight edges that will come in contact with the truck bed. Like I said before if the topper designers already know this variable make the necessary changes to accommodate this. Anybody else have this problem or is it just me?
  3. Jimmyjam, Very good point on this also. If I were to go this route can you take a picture or indicate to me what wire you tapped into in order to get a constant 12V. The topper dealer tapped into a wire harness that was located behind the spare tire and this is to the brake lights so the topper brake lights work. If you can tell the color or picture this wire is so the LED strip light works that would be great.
  4. magstart67, You are correct this was exactly what my topper dealer told me also. I'd hate to say this but if your a topper dealer and you already have experience and understand these variables why don't you go beyond your comfort zone and add the needed shims / spacers to prevent these types of damages. This is my first truck with a topper and if I knew yes it could have been prevented. Just wanted to vent and see what some peoples thoughts on this subject would be as we are spending $2500 on these toppers and having it go onto a $50K brand new truck there should be no damage put upon them especially the paint as it will rust.
  5. Thanks magstar67 I think this is what I'll end up doing.
  6. I just purchased the LED rope light. Do you know what wire was used to connect these wires to on the your truck?
  7. I had to take out my Z-Series Topper the other day and noticed that on the four corners the topper has caused some damage to the plastic cover on the tail gate and on the paint next behind the cab. Anybody on here has had a chance to take there topper off with any damage done to the there new truck?
  8. This is my second Hood Insulator as the first one the dealer said it wasn't covered under warranty due to it being damaged from another unknown source. I then proceeded in purchasing another one and had the same issue with the same location of damage. After evaluating the damage it seems the direct air circulation from the engine compartment is slowly deteriorating the hood insulator. I've also noticed that if the insulator comes into contact it will get damaged also. The material used on the insulator is very cheap in quality and fragile. Does anybody have this issue on there truck also? More pictures of the damage......
  9. Picture of my topper ARE Z-Series. Paid $2500 comes with the following options rails on top, front tilt down window, and LED rope light. Dealer also mentioned the newer toppers now have a smooth bottom surface to make it a clean line against the truck bed. The older toppers had a small bevel support lip at the bottom which they have eliminated to have a cleaner look to the toppers. Overall very happy with the outcome.
  10. Wanting to do a 6" lift on the truck but does anybody know of the laws specifically in Colorado. Have you been pulled over or is there regulations on altering the suspension of the vehicle from factory. Below is a link from a website I've read but even they are confused to Colorado law on this same goes with other websites with people who live in Colorado. Any intel on this would be great before I pull the plug on the modification. http://www.fourwheeler.com/how-to/suspension-brakes/131-1102-lift-laws-you-need-to-know/
  11. Just got back from my annual elk hunting trip in Colorado and yes my power sterring went out on me during this time at 8000 miles. Tempurtures was below freezing but it happened during the day at 50-60 degrees F as I was driving and almost ran into a tree from this. Good thing I didn't have my trailer at the time and had dropped it off at the campsite. This is something you don't want to happen while driving as it's very dangerous. The truck got towed to the dealership as I wasn't going to be driving down these mountains with no power steering. The GMC roadside assistance was great and got everything set up and the truck was towed great service on this. But they ended up getting a tow truck company who didn't know what he was doing and scratched the front bumper of the front tow hooks which will now need to be replaced and another thing to worry about. I then had to drive back to town everyday during my hunting trip to call the dealership on the status and they had to order the whole assembly unit to be replaced. The truck has had the power steering assembly replaced and alignment has been done and so far for three days it's been worry free. The bad thing is the service was terrible as the part was delayed and service rep acted like my truck was last on the list with no real updates or he never even bothered to ask me for a loaner car I had to request this. I was stuck in the mountains hunting with my trailer and needed it done in 3-4 days but it took 5 working days. Frustrated on the service of this dealership as the people are not friendly even when I went to grab a broken down loaner car as they said it will not make up the mountains. I was thinking in my head if the loaner car isn't going to make it up the mountain find me one that will. This is a dealership that is already located in the mountains shouldn't you have cars with the cababilities already. I had also mentioned to this dealership that during it's time there if they can perform the service recall also while it's still in the shop and they said there was two service recalls that they will perform on also. Sure enough when I went to pick up the truck only the power steering was replaced and alignment performed. I mean if the truck is there to get repaired please fix all the other problems it has with it before I pick it up. This service is by far the worst ever that I have experienced and would not recommend them for anything. Power steering assembly part was delayed, loaner car was very old, people are not friendly there, service recalls weren't fixed, car wasn't washed or vacummed, picked up the truck after hours and car was suppose to be locked with keys under floor mats as I had my spare keys which was never done had to have the front desk personnel get me the keys. They will get my feedback on there service that's for sure. Now need to make some more phone calls on the scracthed front bumper where the tow hooks are as I'm not happy at all. Now I drive the car worrying about the power steering as it's something I will never forgot since I almost got into an accident while this happened. Drivers beware and drive safely.
  12. 2014 Sierra SLT 4x4 (3.42 rear) towing 2015 Forest River Mini Lite 2306 model dry weight 3,800 lbs can hold max weight of 4,800 lbs. Did my first trip up the "GAUNTLET" Denver Colorado to Eagle Colorado through the I-70 pass. The truck did struggle on steeper hills but it did get the job done my trailer probably weighed in around 4,200 lbs with all the gear I had. From Denver to Eagle averaged 9.5 MPG on the way back from Eagle to Denver averaged 12.3 MPG. This was mainly due to the steep grades between the two directions not much wind played a role in this. Braking was great and handling was great due to E2 equilizer hitch. Overall very happy so far with the performance of the truck.
  13. I had the same on my 2014 sierra. Figured out how to fix this. Pull out the foggy fog lights there should be three rubber grommets holding it from behind. Unhook the bulb and get all the water out and set to dry. Once it's dry the fog light cover has a circular rubber sticker covering a small hole opening of the fog lamp molding. This sticker has a very small hole punctured through which has been closed causing the foggy water fog lamps. Simply grab a needle or toothpick and poke a new hole or open the existing hole to vent it properly. Reinstall the fog lamps and it should vent properly now.
  14. How much was this setup if you don't mind me asking. Got a quote from the ARE dealer here in Colorado for Z-Series starting at $2000 for 2014 Sierra Short Bed.
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