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  1. After looking at some you tube videos, I suspect the problem may potentially be the oil pick up tube o-ring? If air were getting past the deteriorated o-ring, then that might explain the unusual fluctuation on the oil pressure gauge. I hope something else is not damaged inside the engine with the few seconds that it was shuttering then tapping like it was out of oil. I have not heard the tick/tap/shutter again.
  2. Today I was driving my 05 Silverado 5.3l and I was about to exit off the highway. My Wife and I heard this kind of shuttering sound coming from the engine. When I came up to the traffic light I could hear the engine ticking and tappping like it was low on oil. When I came to a complete stop the engine wanted to die. I had to put it in neutral and give it gas to keep it idling. I noticed the oil pressure guage was below 40 and fluctuating a lot which is not normal for this truck. I checked the oil level and it shows full of oil. I let it set for at least 30 mins and checked the oil level again and it said it was full again. I started it back up and the oil guage is still reading below 40 and fluctuating at idle a lot. At idle it usually runs above 40 and more when driving. i don’t see any leaks. Any suggestions on what to look for?? Or what to test?
  3. I have a tonno pro folding vinyl tonneau cover on my 05 Silverado. I am looking for recommendations for a good spray to UV protect and clean the vinyl on the tonneau cover.. The tonneau cover came with some spray protectant that is made by the company that makes the tonneau cover, but apparently I can't buy it. I live in Oklahoma so the sun will beat it up pretty bad if i don't have a good protectant on it. Also it gets dusty very easily, so I will get cleaned fairly often. What brand of protectant do you use on your tonneau cover or vinyl on your boat to protect it...if boat products would work on automotive vinyl?
  4. I can't decide if i want a Vibrant Ultra Quiet 1142 resonator or just the standard bottle style 1794 resonator. Do you remember which version of the resonator you had? The ultra quiet or standard version?
  5. I know this is a strange topic but i am looking for something to quiet down my exhaust. I have 2 kids now that are young and yes....I am getting older and don't want something as loud. I don't want to spend a boat load of money on a new system. My goal is to add something like a resonator to my current system to quiet it down....not to the point where it sounds stock, but more of a refined when you get on the gas you know its there but just cruising or idling, a little quieter. My truck is an 05 Silverado Crew Cab with 5.3L, 4.10 rear end gears and a Gibson dual sport exhaust system. According to the specs on the muffler, it is around 24 inches long and 8 inches wide. It is a single 3 inch in and dual 2.5 inch out. The tips run out to the passenger side where the stock tailpipe would normally be. In the cab it is fairly noticeable during street driving, there is a small amount of drone in the cab due to the 4.10 gears at 2000-2100 RPM at 65-70 MPH, this is where i want to take the edge off at. My thought was is to maybe install something like a vibrant resonator in front of the muffler to try to take the edge off it a little. Also, I am toying around with removing the tail pipes and tips and dumping it...however i don't want to make it louder in the cab. Any thoughts on installing a resonator before the muffler on the setup i currently have? OR a quiet single in dual out muffler that can be dumped that sounds refined and not so quiet it sounds stock and NO drone (I know i'm asking for a lot) before or after the axle? When i had my F150 5.0L V8, i removed the front resonator before the stock muffler and it sounded great, just the right amount of sound with no drone....this is what I'm looking for in my Silverado.
  6. Are AC Delco and Delphi the same? It is strange to me that there are so many different part numbers or variations of the fuel pumps that go in these trucks. Makes it difficult to make sure people order the correct part. Also, there seems to be a price difference between them. i have the rpo code of EVA. I want to get a reliable part. Don’t really want to replace it again. Probably going to do the tilt bed method.... it has almost a full tank of gas in it.
  7. I am going to have to replace the fuel pump on my 2005 Silverado Crew Cab 5.3L short bed soon. I am looking for the part number and the brand but there are several different fuel pumps. I typed in my VIN at GM parts direct but it still gave me several different options. I know to not go with a cheap o fuel pump. So which should I go with out of these: AC Delco, Bosch or Delphi? Also, can someone point me in the right direction for the correct part number for the whole fuel pump assembly including the level sensor? Thanks
  8. My buddy has a 2012 crew cab Silverado 2WD with the chrome clad 20 inch OEM rims. See pic attached. He wants to upgrade to an AT tire and is asking for my help. Currently he is running the stock 275/55/20 Goodyear tires. He wants something like a Nitto Terra Grappler G2 and probably keep the same rims. My question is, using these stock rims, would he be able to run a wider tire such as a 305/55/20? I think these stock 20’s are 8.5 wide? Would there be a major rub issue keeping it stock and going with the wider tire? He has been kicking around the idea of installing a level kit. If he installed a 2 inch level kit would the 305/55/20 still rub or rub less? Would a 305/55/20 look bad with a 2 inch level? Or do you think a taller tire would be needed to help fill the gap due to the level kit? Thank in advance.
  9. Right now my truck currently has the stock Chevy Tahoe ppv (police) rims installed with 285/70/17 tires. I still have my stock aluminum/alloy 5 spoke 17 inch rims. I weighed both rims and did my best to figure the tire weight from the stock tire size vs the 285's I have. Rough estimate says I would save about 11 pounds per wheel if I were to swap from the steel ppv rims to the alloy rims while still using the 285's. My question is would it be worth it to swap from the steel to the alloy rims? Would a combined 44 pounds help the truck out any? I just feel like the truck is heavy now since I put a 4 inch lift, steel rims and the 285 nittos on.
  10. A few weekends ago I replaced my power steering pump on my 05 Silverado 5.3l crew cab. I replaced it because the old one was whining really bad at all speeds. The new one or rebult one from Autozone is quiet at all speeds but when I turn the wheels at low RPM or speeds, it sometimes is hard to turn, almost like I loose power steering until the RPMs or speed is higher. I spent a lot of time making sure the air bubbles were out of the system before starting the engine and driving it. I used Lucas oil power steering fluid in the system, figured it might be better than what was in there before. The issue with it feeling like there is a lack of power steering at low speeds/RPMS did not develop until I replaced the pump with the one from Auto zone and changed the power steering fluid. The original pump worked great at all speeds but had a major whine in it, that is why I replaced it. Don't know if the fluid I used is causing the problem or if it is the quality of the Auto zone pump that I bought? Would a NAPA power steeringpump be of better quality? It gets difficult to turn 33's when the power steering is acting up! Any suggestions? Faulty pump, wrong pump, wrong fluid??
  11. Ok, so it's tune time for my truck. Looking at getting a black bear tune. 05 Silverado 5.3L. I'm pretty sure it has the lm7 engine. I have a Gibson cat back exhaust, air aid Mit using stock air box, air aid throttle body spacer and 4.10 rear end gears. My question is for those of you who have purchased a black bear tune, which one did you buy? The generic tune or the tune where they send you a cable and pull some log files off the pcm for more of a custom tune?
  12. Hello, I have had this truck since about spring of last year. I figured it was time to take some pics and share what has been done. 2005 Silverado 5.3L crew cab LS, 2 wheel drive. Had about 120K miles on her when I bought her and she was bone stock. It has some of the LT trim level features that were installed from the factory such as a full center console, Bose system and power folding, heated turn signal mirrors. Stock picture after being cleaned up: Mods done so far: 4.5 Inch rough country lift 285/70/17 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Tires PPV Tahoe 17" rims Plasti-Dipped front bumper black and rear bumper black. Plasti-Dipped Rear tail gate badges. Tinted front windows 15% to match rear doors and rear glass. AIRAID MIT with AIRAID Red Dry Synthetic filter using stock air box. AIRAID PowerAid throttle body spacer. Gibson Performance Cat Back Dual Sport Exhaust. 4.10 Yukon rear end gears Eaton full time posi locker. Replaced the G80. B&H Aluminum rear diff cover. Kenwood 10" Sub behind rear seat Alpine 500W amp using stock head unit. Next on the list is a tune, remove the rubber trim from the doors and probably black exhaust tips. I need a tune bad, ever since the 4.10 gears were installed, my abs and brake light are consistently on and it chimes for about 30 seconds non stop after driving it a few feet.
  13. I have read that the dealer won't touch it because 1/2 ton tucks did not come with 4.10 gear ratio form the factory? I know some of the SS silverados had 4.10 gears from the factory. I'm trying to figure out if a black bear performance tune will correct all my issues? I want someone that will keep the ABS light and brake light from coming on and to make my speedometer correct.
  14. Well I took my 05 Silverado in to a local shop and had them swap out the stock 3.23's with 4.10's and a new eaton locker. Now I have the dreaded Abs light and brake light illuminated on the dash. Message center also displays a service brake system and chimes for about 10 seconds. Gear install shop said to take it to the dealer so they could flash the computer to make it see the 4.10 ratio? I have read several threads about this and have seen mixed reviews about handheld tuners fixing this issue. It appears some do and some don't? Then there is the black bear tune. I am still confused about the BB tune. Does this fix the light issue and the speedo being off??
  15. It looks like the lower control arm would hit them all the time when I go over bumps. Should they be making contact with the lower control arm? The truck does look like it sits really low, at least for a 2WD. I do not think that the suspension has been modified in any way. The RPO sticker inside the glove box says it has Z82 and Z85 for the suspension packages.
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