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  1. Thanks for the clarification that GM changed the connector for the fuel injector. As far as the part numbers I listed. I got those numbers directly from the GM/AC Delco part website by plugging in my VIN for my AT4X. The part number for the 21 Sierra, I used my buddys VIN. The part number you listed, directs me to a "Fuel Injector Kit", that shows in stock at GMPartsDirect. Do you work for GM?
  2. So to sum up my current situation. Purchased AT4X new May 7. Put 79 miles on the truck, and man was this thing amazing. Driving home, from visiting my parents, dashboard just starts to go nuts. CEL light, Check Traction control, Check Emissions, just flashing across the dash. Call my salesman, dealership is closed, make arrangements to drop truck off Monday morning. Everything I tell my salesman, he relays to the Service advisor, and the intial though is bad lifter. Tell my to baby the truck home. Get the truck home, get a call Sunday (the next day). Grandfather isn't doing well/on death bed. Have no other choice to drive the truck. Put 100 miles on the truck, and CEL light goes off. Text my service advisor, let him know light is off, requests that I bring it in anyway. CEL is misfire on cylinder 5. Drop truck off, dealership has it for 3 days. Dealership tries to replicate the issue, they can't get the truck back 5/11. Drive truck around, don't see any issues. 5/17 while wife is driving, truck does the same thing. Have her drive truck to dealer. Call my salesman and service advisor, and they take the truck right in. 5/18 talk to the dealer, they ask what symptoms the truck has, tell them everything, truck is stuttering anything past 2k RPM. Truck is in limp mode. Dealership indicates that it is again a misfire on cylinder 5. Service department has checked lifters/valves. No collapsed valves and no stuck lifters but they found that the injector for cylinder 5 is bad. Either not enough fuel pressure or to much. Dealer tells me parts are on back order, and they expect them in a week. Well truck has been at the dealership since 5/17. Was told, the injectors that were sent, aren't the correct part number. GM rep told dealer that they are going to pull a fuel rail and injector set off the assembly line, to get the truck back up and running. There is absolutely no ETA on these injectors. Everytime i've talked to the dealership lately it's the same line. "Still no info on the Injectors. It’s on every ones mind and conversation but still no parts." From all my digging, the part number for a 2021 Sierra 1500 with 6.2 is 12710481, and those show in stock, at multiple dealers in my area. The new part number for 2022 Sierra 1500 with 6.2 is 1942064. From all my searching, on google, this forum. For the life of me, I can't find any engine changes that were made with the 6.2. So which brings me to now. Why two completely different part numbers, for essentially the same engine, for the same part. I've contacted GM customer service, and they just tell me to wait on the dealer. So any suggestions would be welcomed. My patience with this well gone by now.
  3. Finally got an email from GMC saying that my order was moving to production. 5 weeks after getting email confirmation that they've accepted the order. Contacted GMC chat support and was able to get an estimate TPW of 4/4/22.
  4. Says that the 2022 Silverado/Sierra 1500 "is" or "isn't" eligble. When I check the 1500 Limited, I'm seeing an average of 6K off for employee discount.
  5. So something that I find very concerning, with the online configurators up. I went over to gmfamilyfirst.com to build out the exact AT4X I have on order. And a huge alert stating "This trim is not eligble for the employee discount". And it is listed for every single trim package on the new Sierra 1500. So, if they are really not allowing an employee discount on the new trucks, there will be alot of people upset, including myself. Will be interesting to see what happens.
  6. I put a reservation down for a 2022 AT4X as well. Dealer called two weeks ago to pick a color. Very hard to pick a color, when they are just photoshopped over a standard image. Ended up going with Titanium Rush metallic. Only other question I was asked was if I wanted side steps or not. No idea when it will be built/delivered. Dealer said that I would get email notifications when order was accepted and at varius stages of the build.
  7. Second one, but with the wheels from the first would have me in line to buy one.
  8. Can I ask why you are looking at selling the steps? Just don't like having steps on your truck, or looking for a different set? I have a 2019 AT4 with the round bar steps, but saw these in person and really like the look. I'm located in WNY, and would be willing to trade if you were interested.
  9. I used the the spare prong on F27 for hard wiring in my radar detector. Turns on when i start the truck, and off when truck is off and I open the driver side door. Have noticed the occasional glitch, of i i have the truck running, and open the a passenger door, occasionally my radar detector restarts. Doesn't happen every time, but occasionally.
  10. Photos of Amazon echo will be uploaded later today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I have an amazon Echo and a Facebook portal for sale. Received both items through work parties and don’t have a use for either one. Both are brand new in box sealed. Facebook portal - $125 shipped Amazon Echo Show 5 - $60 shipped. Payment through PayPal Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I've played around with the tension, and If i set it any tighter, can't latch the cover. And I pull the velcro tight every time. There was so much water in that picture, it pulled the velcro. I would return it, but have already gotten rid of the box it was shipped in.
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