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  1. Did you see sales for the Gen 4 GM Fullsize SUVs for 2014 and 2015? To "strongly advise to avoid 2015s" suggest there has to be a ton of complaints for that year from different owners. Problems with the first year is still happening, folks are just tolerating it because of the functionality and look of the GM product. Jrny4rbys sound like he's done his homework, I would recommend just be cautious of any first year issue. If he was basing his purchase on my 2015, he would have been in his truck yesterday.
  2. Don’t think you'll see many of these trucks driving hard, they’re too cushy and costly to do anything more than towing or hauling. Some would argue all the trucks have the issues mentioned in your OP, but then a majority of folks without problems are not posting. 1) Buffeting, either you have it or you don’t. This is not model specific, but in the early years most of the complaints were from GMC owners (Denali XL with 22” wheels), followed by Chevy and then Cadillac. 2) AFM, I don’t recall any of the issues you mentioned. I have a first year Gen 4 truck and it transitions from 8 to 4 and back seamlessly, only notice it if I happen to be looking down as the change occurs. 3) You got it right, just look under the truck to see what you can. This is going to be location dependent where the truck spent most of it’s time. I’m out west, no snow, rain, ice, salt. My truck just went over 5 yrs, no rust. If a touring sedan could tow and haul like these trucks, that would be the only thing I would compare it to. But then again, the new Maybach SUV going for 200K could be the best of both worlds. The engineering in the GM fullsize SUVs is more car than truck like though. If you end up getting one of these trucks (without any issues), you’ll see what I mean.
  3. If you don't frequent soft sand/mud/snow/or ice, then a RWD with all weather tires is fine.
  4. Be careful when asking an owner for advice, one like me will tell you my first edition truck is the best thing since sliced bread, the internet, or a microwave oven (bar is set low). But another owner may tell you his truck was the biggest POS he ever owned. I have not read as many issues with the later editions, but the problem areas were buffeting, pressure, shaking, and vibration. So read some of the earlier posts before making a 50K+ investment...
  5. Had this problem a few years back, advise the service tech to replace the AC High Temp Sensor (titled per my invoice). Mine was done in 2014, problem never came back. I'm talking Chevy, should work for GMC.
  6. This comment is accurate since the 2015 first issue, but reported SUV numbers on this forum has decrease from the first issue to now. I have a 2015 first issue, never had the shaking, or RFBd tires, or buffeting. I was one of those other vehicle specifics.
  7. Have You Seen GM's ARĪV eBikes?

    Electric bikes are a blast, the Arivs would be like speed bumps next to our bikes. With motorcycle size tires, we primarily ride off road. My bike is faster, bigger, longer travel times, off-road to pavement without missing a step, and the kicker is less than half the price. Arivs won't sell to well if someone does their homework.
  8. I also have a 2015 LT, I had problems 2 and 3 in your post. Have not fixed number 2 yet cause it's been too cold, but the fix is in the front courtesy bulbs. Once these are replaced it should correct the problem. For number 3, the dealer found I needed an extension on my oil filter housing. The leak stopped when they added the extension. I think I commented on these issues somewhere on this forum, could be additional info in the other posts.
  9. That's not normal for my oil changes. If I added that much between changes my stick would show about 2 and 1/2 qts too much.
  10. Stop before you do anything else. Pull the stick out again and be sure it's completely dry, replace and let sit for 10 seconds on level ground. Pull out the stick, if you don't see any liquid, drain the pan and monitor how much oil you see coming out. Refill with 7 qts, should see a measurement at the bottom of the stick. Better to figure out what's wrong with less oil than too much.
  11. Not common, I have a 2015 Tahoe. Could be clogged at the nozzle or a critter may have cut through the hose. Clogged, put a needle through the nozzle to see if it dislodges debris. Cut, have someone press the washer button and see if you can spot a leak. Hose should be easy to replace either way. Don't think there is a separate reservoir for the rear, guessing you checked the front washer also.
  12. Since you only need your truck for transportation (working indoors, truck staying out for about 10 hrs), I would take these good answers from knowledgeable folks and put them on my tool belt for later. If I was concerned about it I would rent a vehicle and leave my 2018 Silverado home in the heated garage. At least you have that option? Be sure to check the scope of renters insurance if you go that route.
  13. Yeah they are talking about stupid weather. Maybe time for that real good stuff called "rent-a-truck".
  14. Ouch, a subcontractor. Please allow him access to my house.
  15. Is GM Considering An Electric Pickup?

    I agree with that, I would have a different opinion if EV tech was new. GM will probably sit back and see what kind of success this tech has in a PU. We all know though, when you're late to the game, you don't play. But I don't play GM for being stupid, they probably have a small EV tech division paying attention.

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