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  1. I also have a 2015 LT, I had problems 2 and 3 in your post. Have not fixed number 2 yet cause it's been too cold, but the fix is in the front courtesy bulbs. Once these are replaced it should correct the problem. For number 3, the dealer found I needed an extension on my oil filter housing. The leak stopped when they added the extension. I think I commented on these issues somewhere on this forum, could be additional info in the other posts.
  2. That's not normal for my oil changes. If I added that much between changes my stick would show about 2 and 1/2 qts too much.
  3. Stop before you do anything else. Pull the stick out again and be sure it's completely dry, replace and let sit for 10 seconds on level ground. Pull out the stick, if you don't see any liquid, drain the pan and monitor how much oil you see coming out. Refill with 7 qts, should see a measurement at the bottom of the stick. Better to figure out what's wrong with less oil than too much.
  4. Not common, I have a 2015 Tahoe. Could be clogged at the nozzle or a critter may have cut through the hose. Clogged, put a needle through the nozzle to see if it dislodges debris. Cut, have someone press the washer button and see if you can spot a leak. Hose should be easy to replace either way. Don't think there is a separate reservoir for the rear, guessing you checked the front washer also.
  5. Since you only need your truck for transportation (working indoors, truck staying out for about 10 hrs), I would take these good answers from knowledgeable folks and put them on my tool belt for later. If I was concerned about it I would rent a vehicle and leave my 2018 Silverado home in the heated garage. At least you have that option? Be sure to check the scope of renters insurance if you go that route.
  6. Yeah they are talking about stupid weather. Maybe time for that real good stuff called "rent-a-truck".
  7. Ouch, a subcontractor. Please allow him access to my house.
  8. Is GM Considering An Electric Pickup?

    I agree with that, I would have a different opinion if EV tech was new. GM will probably sit back and see what kind of success this tech has in a PU. We all know though, when you're late to the game, you don't play. But I don't play GM for being stupid, they probably have a small EV tech division paying attention.
  9. That's not normal any way you cut it, he just has a lemon. His VIN is in the GM database, going to another dealership is not going to help especially since GM said his vibration is within limits. As for the original question "vibration issues in LT too or just Premier", similar issues are in both but not all. Yeah he may lose 20K, but getting 53K may be a better deal than letting an independent shop look at it. Once an independent shop disassemble components, the value goes way down if I'm a dealer. Unfortunate because if it's traded in, that dealer will boost the price back to the 70K range and we'll see the new buyer on this forum.
  10. LS/SLE Trims?

    This is a great deal optioned out at 52K, compared to my truck I bought 5 yrs earlier optioned the same way for 55K. Does the SLE come with a front row bench?
  11. GM Builds Silverado Entirely From Legos

    Nice. I would really be impressed if it towed something.
  12. LS/SLE Trims?

    Yeah I'm an old school guy too, but like you say, different strokes. I'm not opposed to technology that's going to help me be a better driver. The safety features in these new trucks are second to none. My eyesight is not like it used to be and if the truck is going to tell me when I inadvertently cross the line or get too close to another vehicle, then bring it on. When I bought my new Tahoe in 2014 I was able to cherry pick, my LT is basically a Premier today without the MRS. With saying that, the less technology, the less there is to break. Since I've been on this forum, most of the complaints are from owners with the high end trucks.
  13. I like them, would recommend to young families and old folks. Too small for me though, been driving the fullsize GM SUVs for 26 yrs.
  14. Lil bit more than a Silverado with a shell. One difference with the Suburban, you can haul tool bags, trauma kits, rifles, etc, and the occasional friends comfortably; at the same time. A specialized box made for your gear that fits squarely in the third row of the Suburban would be perfect.
  15. Definitely don't want to give a supposed trusted Amazon employee the ability to open my house. Not for me, just drop my package off at the door.

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