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  1. I would recommend buying either a 2020 model or a 2019 with a late build date... I purchased one of the first 2019's and had some issues. I ended up selling it because of the issues. I am waiting to see if the 2021's have any refreshes before I buy another one.
  2. Are the seats any different? I went from a 2017 to a 2019 and my 2017 seats were way more comfortable than the 2019 (rock hard).
  3. I have heard rumors that the 2021 Model year will have a major interior refresh. Does anyone have the inside scoop on if this is a legit rumor? I would like to know because I need to know if I should hold out and order the 2021.
  4. Mine wasn't the DFM. I'm sure many will say this isn't safe or good for your truck but I turned my engine off at 70 mph and the vibration/noise was still there. That ruled out DFM for me. It turned out being the tires.
  5. I had it up for sale for a week or 2 on auto trader but ended up taking it to CarMax and they gave me a low number so I went to some Chevrolet dealerships and one of them gave me a couple grand more than what CarMax was offering.
  6. I actually prefer the 8 inch screen with buttons rather than Rams stupid 12 inch. I do feel like GM could do a better job on material and seat comfort. My 2017 seats were more comfortable than the 2019.
  7. I know it is. I’ll drive my Honda Accord until I either find a good deal on a used truck or until the 2021 comes out which should be next summer
  8. I hope they make appropriate changes for 2021 on the interior. I just sold my 2019 because I was wasn’t happy with it ( interior, problems, etc). I know there are rumors of changes coming but I sure hope GM gets their Sh** together for 2021. I should’ve kept my 2017. I will reconsider once they get all the bugs worked out and update the interior. I learned my lesson on buying a first year redesign. FYI, I am still a gm loyalist
  9. does anyone have any suggestions on what sites they have had luck with in posting their vehicles for sale? I am selling my loaded out 2019 LTZ Z71 with 4,300 miles. ( Birmingham Alabama). Selling to double up payments on wife’s car.
  10. I am wondering if I am experiencing the same thing... I have a whine that gets louder as my RPM's increase... almost sounds like a turbo or supercharger. Does your whine progressively get louder as your RPM's go up? I took my truck into the dealership and they said that the noise was coming from a pump in the transmission... I am wondering if I need to take it back in for them to do something because I am worried it will cause a problem down the road... also it is very annoying.
  11. I am a State Farm agent in Alabama. There are a lot of factors that go into determining rates. That is a big difference though. I'm not sure what company you got a quote from but I would call back and speak to someone and ask them why such a big difference.
  12. I noticed the noise soon as I purchased the truck. I drove my dads 2019 (identical to mine) the other day and it didn't make the whining/supercharger noise that mine makes. I currently have 3k miles on mine
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