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  1. I know it is. I’ll drive my Honda Accord until I either find a good deal on a used truck or until the 2021 comes out which should be next summer
  2. I hope they make appropriate changes for 2021 on the interior. I just sold my 2019 because I was wasn’t happy with it ( interior, problems, etc). I know there are rumors of changes coming but I sure hope GM gets their Sh** together for 2021. I should’ve kept my 2017. I will reconsider once they get all the bugs worked out and update the interior. I learned my lesson on buying a first year redesign. FYI, I am still a gm loyalist
  3. does anyone have any suggestions on what sites they have had luck with in posting their vehicles for sale? I am selling my loaded out 2019 LTZ Z71 with 4,300 miles. ( Birmingham Alabama). Selling to double up payments on wife’s car.
  4. I am wondering if I am experiencing the same thing... I have a whine that gets louder as my RPM's increase... almost sounds like a turbo or supercharger. Does your whine progressively get louder as your RPM's go up? I took my truck into the dealership and they said that the noise was coming from a pump in the transmission... I am wondering if I need to take it back in for them to do something because I am worried it will cause a problem down the road... also it is very annoying.
  5. I am a State Farm agent in Alabama. There are a lot of factors that go into determining rates. That is a big difference though. I'm not sure what company you got a quote from but I would call back and speak to someone and ask them why such a big difference.
  6. I noticed the noise soon as I purchased the truck. I drove my dads 2019 (identical to mine) the other day and it didn't make the whining/supercharger noise that mine makes. I currently have 3k miles on mine
  7. Yep, I have a 10 speed. But my dad also has a 10 speed and his doesn’t do it. Took it in the dealership thinking it was the alternator but the tech said it’s coming from the transmission
  8. I am experiencing a noticeable whining noise when my RPM’s increase. It almost sounds like a supercharger. Curious to know if anyone else is experiencing this and know what it is. I tried posting a video but it wouldn’t let me attach.
  9. Hey bud im trying to get some info from you regarding your ready lift kit

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    2. Tumtum5891


      So the ready lift leveling kit you have. You are using stock wheels with  or without spacer?. Is the 275/65/20 tire being used the max it can go or can it go wider? Do you have or can you take a picture of the upper arm and the clearance between the tire?

    3. Aycock1987
    4. Aycock1987


      These are the only pics I took while I had the lift on. Unfortunately I didn't take any others. No spacers used. Im not sure if you could go any wider


  10. Has anyone else had the issue of your blind spot monitor constantly going off with a trailer behind you? I know I can disable it but I have driven several other 2019’s and never had this issue
  11. Does anyone know where I can find the Trailboss Alignment specs or does anyone have them to share with me?
  12. I measured and mine is about half an inch too tall in the front. I am going to contact Readylift about that. Any chance you can send a picture of the angle of your cv axle?
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