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  1. I found out it was a whine coming from a pump within the transmission. I ended up selling the truck last year and bought a 2020. 7k miles and no noise or issues.
  2. Any update on if it fixed your issue? If so, how many miles have you out on since the fix?
  3. I hope you're right but I would think that if the SU5 didn't have the problem that GM would simply just change out the axles to the SU5 as the fix
  4. I’ve considered going to a 2500 if they can’t get it figured out. Haven’t heard of the HD having the issue
  5. Reach out to GM in any way you can and share what you just shared
  6. No news is good news? Although I do understand that the fix could last for only a couple thousand miles
  7. How long did it take for the dealership to get the repair kit in? I called my dealership last Friday to have them order it.
  8. Wish me luck. Just called dealership to order the repair kit. Worth a shot
  9. Seems like GM would get this issue figured out to avoid buybacks..... this crap is uncalled for. I had my 2019 bought back and replaced with a new 2020 and its doing the same [email protected] thing. pisses me off to no end.
  10. What exactly did they do and do you by chance have the Service Bulletin that I could provide to the dealer?
  11. Did you end up doing anything to your chrome? I am considering purchasing the ecological bumpershellz
  12. I tried finding a company that could color match the wrap but said they can’t. My truck is shadow gray metallic
  13. Question for the thread... are the GMC Sierras having this issue as well? I would think so but I don’t recall seeing anyone with a GMC in this thread with this issue. Could be wrong
  14. Has anyone had success in color matching the chrome bumpers? Any suggestions?
  15. Everyone that is trying to get GM to buy back their trucks... is it solely because of this jingle issue or is it because of multiple issues.
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