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  1. From a Rebel to an LTZ

    I know it’s an odd comparison but sometimes when I look at a Ram, I think of Alf
  2. Another reason why I don't care about how much nicer the Ram interior is. I have had great experiences with Toyota and GM and this report just reinforces it.
  3. I think the main motive of the design was to create a step for easy access. After testing, they found that it could be marketed for other uses as well.... such as a load stop. I am not disagreeing with you that they could've easily added a lock but I do not think it is a gimmick at all. I think it was a great idea as far as a step is concerned. First year of production... they will get it right.
  4. So after 3 trips to the dealer, they finally found out the issue. It turned out being the transfer-case making the noise and they had to replace it. They replaced it about 2 months ago and I haven't had the issue since.
  5. 2020 HD and Pontiac Aztek

    Haha, I actually don't mind the Aztek... the Aztek front end fits a small SUV much better than on a truck. I know the comparison isn't exact but they do share some small similarities. Now the new HD Highcountry on the other hand looks good in my opinion.
  6. So for the last several weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out what the new HD front end reminded me of. It dawned on me yesterday that it resembles the front end of the Pontiac Aztek. I think I might be ruined on the new HD
  7. The voting results are laughable.
  8. Great post. Custom Electronic Cutout Exhaust... Did you do it yourself? If no, what brand and where did you order? I'm assuming you can turn on/off the exhaust?
  9. Only downside about the RST is you cant get the 6.2L in it
  10. Yeah very strange. I guess that's what ill have to do if it continues. I don't look forward to taking it to the dealer because I'm sure they will either say it's normal or they cant hear it.
  11. It does sound similar to that but I would think that it would quit doing it after shutting the engine off and letting it coast but it still makes the noise. Yeah it is stock exhaust
  12. I know I have posted about this before but I am experiencing a vibration noise that sounds almost like a helicopter at speeds of 60-80 MPH. The noise seems to come and go. After thinking that it might be some vibration noise from the powertrain, I thought I would run my own test by shutting the engine off at 80 MPH and let it coast.... the noise doesn't go away. I would like to think it's the tires (Nitto Trail-grapplers) but I drove another 2019 Silverado with stock tires for several weeks and it made the same noise. Anyone experiencing the same thing? Ideas?

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