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  1. Everyone that is trying to get GM to buy back their trucks... is it solely because of this jingle issue or is it because of multiple issues.
  2. Curious to know if this is a known issue for the 2500 and 3500 HD's.... considering a 2500 for my next truck if they don't get this crap fixed... or change brands (although I said I would never do)
  3. So I just discovered yesterday that my 2020 now has the jingle. Discovered it at 2,500 miles. Have you heard it yet on yours? I’ve already gone through the damn buy back and got my 2019 replaced and I’m not going through that again...
  4. The way you described it is exactly what I’m experiencing but seems to be from the front. I’m wondering if changing the front shocks would help
  5. I currently have a 3 inch lift by Superlift on my 2020 1500. The kit came with Bilstein shocks for the back but no replacement for the front. I feel like the ride quality is a bit more rough. I’ve ran a preloaded spacer lift on my last 3 trucks and don’t feel like it has effected the ride quality before. My question is does anyone else have this lift and experienced this or does anyone know of a solution.
  6. Have you had any issues with this leveling kit? How many miles do you have on the kit now? Any issues with the Upper Control Arms?
  7. EXACTLY what I was wondering a few weeks ago. I sold my 19 Silverado in October because of issues and told myself that I was going to wait until the 2021 year model is released. I have gone 2 months without my truck and didn't realize until now how much I used it. I went ahead and bit the bullet and ordered me a 2020 last week. I would like to wait until the refresh but I cant wait another 8-10 months.
  8. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations with 3-4 inch lifts? I have heard mixed reviews on Rough Country and Readylift. I don't want to go any bigger than 4 inches.
  9. I would recommend buying either a 2020 model or a 2019 with a late build date... I purchased one of the first 2019's and had some issues. I ended up selling it because of the issues. I am waiting to see if the 2021's have any refreshes before I buy another one.
  10. Are the seats any different? I went from a 2017 to a 2019 and my 2017 seats were way more comfortable than the 2019 (rock hard).
  11. I have heard rumors that the 2021 Model year will have a major interior refresh. Does anyone have the inside scoop on if this is a legit rumor? I would like to know because I need to know if I should hold out and order the 2021.
  12. Mine wasn't the DFM. I'm sure many will say this isn't safe or good for your truck but I turned my engine off at 70 mph and the vibration/noise was still there. That ruled out DFM for me. It turned out being the tires.
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