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  1. I hope they are still working on a fix
  2. I couldn’t agree more. After driving a Trailboss ( Trailboss number 2) for 3,000 miles and it not doing it, it leads me to believe that it could be fixed. I will give an update after putting more miles on it. I have yet to see anyone on this thread that have a Trailboss and have this issue
  3. So I hope I’m not speaking too soon but I think mine is fixed... I have been driving a Trailboss while my truck has been in the shop.... no jingle whatsoever. I decided to put the Trailboss lift kit on my truck ( which includes different axles)... I drove my truck 60 miles yesterday and I never heard the jingle.
  4. sounds consistent.... I had my diff changed in December and it fixed it for about the same amount of time
  5. GM Buyback Experience

    Thank you. Haha I don't think so. I am a GM loyalist even though I have had this problem.
  6. GM Buyback Experience

    Yeah I look at that thread daily. I checked mine and it was tight as can be. Apparently GM has a bulletin out about the issue and are trying to figure out a fix. I am still going go to go through the buyback process
  7. GM Buyback Experience

    Thank you. I love the truck but can't stand the issue that I am having... "Jingle jingle underneath only in 2wd" is the issue that I am having.
  8. GM Buyback Experience

    I am. I have been having an issue that they cant figure out. I've had 4 or 5 major components replaced and still hasn't fixed it
  9. To the guys that have been through the buyback process.... how long did it take for GM to settle and what was your experience?
  10. leveling a trailboss

    Ben, Are you saying you have or havent seen several people claiming issues with installing this kit? I purchased it and I am concerned about the ball joints if I install
  11. Although my 2014 Silverado was no trouble at all, I will have to say that I will NEVER buy a first year production vehicle again... not singling GM out because ALL manufacturers have issues. If my 2017 Silverado had rear air, I would've kept it.
  12. They make it sound like there will never be a fix for it?

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