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  1. Advise needed. I’ve seen mixed reviews on RC and heard nothing but good things on Readylift. My concern is the Readylift doesn’t drop the differential... although Readylift claims the new gen Silverado differential doesn’t need to be dropped. Which one would you go with
  2. Can you tell me the brand wheels these are?
  3. Maybe some features were taken away but the features that were added are much more desirable/useful than the ones removed A few to list: rear a/c vents heads up display 360 camera Two of the three above are what made me trade my 17 in for a 19
  4. https://www.motortrend.com/news/ram-passes-chevrolet-become-second-popular-full-size-truck-brand/?sm_id=organic_fb_MT_trueanthem&utm_campaign=&utm_content=5ca69ad000e48b00017e0d8e&utm_medium=&utm_source=
  5. https://www.motortrend.com/news/ram-passes-chevrolet-become-second-popular-full-size-truck-brand/?sm_id=organic_fb_MT_trueanthem&utm_campaign=&utm_content=5ca69ad000e48b00017e0d8e&utm_medium=&utm_source=
  6. I'm not asking for opinions on whether or not to lift my truck. If anyone has experience with rough country, I want to know your experience with it... I've heard mixed reviews. I don't want to spend several thousand on a lift but also don't want a crap lift.
  7. Curious to know what kind of issues you were having for them to buy your truck back
  8. Man.... I don't blame you. That's not quite what I am experiencing but mine seems to have a, behind the scenes, vibration that seems to come and go every 4 seconds when I am at highway speeds. I am hoping it's the tires but the thing that makes me think otherwise is I drove another 2019 for a couple of days and it seemed to have the same vibration noise.
  9. Can you elaborate on the vibration you were experiencing? I am wondering if I am experiencing the same thing or if it is just my tires... Nitto Trailgrapplers( I've owned 3 sets of Nitto's in the past and never had this happen)
  10. So I have 4400 miles on my Silverado... early on, I noticed a faint grinding noise in 2wd while traveling down the road. It quits doing it when I put it in 4wd auto. I want to know if anyone else has noticed this noise... I have found that that it is coming from the transfer case.... dealership has heard it and they replaced it and after driving it another 1000 miles, the noise came back. My dads Silverado makes the same noise. Ive tried to ignore the sound but I can’t.
  11. Am I new to 4X4? That is a no. I’ve owned more than I can count. Btw, your rear end isn’t locked when you are in auto 4WD. It locks when it senses slipping. Will do the same thing in 2WD
  12. Curious to know if any of you always keep your truck in 4wd auto. If so, does it hurt andything and does it effect MPG?
  13. Does anyone know of a good website or anything to order OEM or similar parts? I am wanting to get rid of the chrome handles, mirrors, and window molding.
  14. Loud clunk at deceleration

    Mine is a 10 speed

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