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  1. 2019 Silverado LTZ with Factory 2 inch Trailboss kit... additionally, I leveled it with a 1.75 inch kit from Readylift. Stock number on www.readylift.com is 66-3921
  2. I know my truck is an LTZ but I had GM add the factory Trailboss lift a few months ago. Today, I installed the 1.75 inch leveling kit from Readylift and love the stance. I hope this kit works out with no issues. The product number on Readylift's site is 66-3921
  3. I agree. I do miss my 2017 Silverado. If that truck had rear air, I would've kept it
  4. Looks like GM is making some changes for the 2021 model year. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/08/gm-to-update-chevrolet-silverado-gmc-sierra-interiors-in-near-future/
  5. I agree. I could hear it over the radio, a/c, and tire noise. Extremely annoying
  6. Did he give an update on the TSB? They are saying there is no fix currently.
  7. Let me tell you guys my experience. I purchased a 2019 Silverado with a build Date of September/2018. Almost immediately I noticed this issue. I went to the dealership and had 4 major components replaced over a 6 month period to try and fix this. Nothing fixed it. Fast forward to May and I started the process for a buyback... Good news is It got accepted. Bad news is when I was choosing my replacement, I didn't look at the build date. Once I got my new truck, I discovered this one was doing the same exact thing.... You can only imagine how frustrated I was. I then decided to look at the build date and it was Nov 2018... I have driven a lot of 2019 Silverado's ( loaner vehicles while mine was at dealership) and what I found was the ones that are having issues are the ones with a build date from Sept 2018 to around Feb or March of 2019. I drove 3 different loaners with a build date after those dates and did not experience the issue. I was convinced that the majority of the issue was coming from the Axles. I decided to have the Trailboss lift kit installed because I knew it came with new axles ( and also I wanted the extra lift from factory). I will tell you guys that the issue either went away for a while or was nowhere near as noticeable. After driving it another 1,000 miles, I have noticed a VERY slight Jingle with the a/c and radio off while slowing to a stop but thankfully its not noticeable unless I try to listen for it. It was so noticeable in my other truck and this one before I put the TB kit on, I could hear it over the radio, tires, and a/c. Reason I am still trying to keep this thread active is because I still do fear that the noise will come back and I want them to have a fix for if/when it does. I know GM is on this thread and I would think that they pay attention to the threads that stay active and are a concern to the consumers.
  8. If GM was developing a fix for this issue, I would think they would have one by now... REALLY pisses me off
  9. Ask them if they know if they are still working on one. Or if they can find out
  10. I feel like everyone is giving up on this issue. Does anyone have any updates for a fix?
  11. The average American trades their vehicle in every 2-4 years. Therefore, a lot of people care about resale. I don't think it's overrated at all but my opinion only matters to me
  12. Has anyone else experienced a whining noise that gets louder as your RPM's increase on their 6.2L? If you have, do you know of any bulletins or fixes for it?
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