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  1. Gfs car, these things are pretty fun with the 1.4L Turbo.
  2. I summon this thread back to life! I've been using a Moto X for about 12-18 months? It was only $130 no contract has Android 5.0.2 and does everything I need it to. The only problem I run in to occasionally it'll tell me that "voice recognition is not supported with this device" so I just exit and try again and it works =/
  3. Really old post but since it is pinned I figured it's a good place to store information, so I figured I'll share some sites I found with free shipping/ship from Canada. Amazon.ca usually has free shipping in Canada, lowriders.ca, tdotperformance.ca (free shipping) and customtruckpartsinc.com (have not ordered from them but they do seem to have shipping options)
  4. Thanks, just realized I said the wrong brand for the exhaust. dB is Corsa not Borla.
  5. Hello all, New member here found some nice info that I was not able to find on other forums. I have a 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE in White, purchased used in March 2013. I love the truck, haven't done much to it yet (tonneau cover and wheels and tires), but plan to save up for, in no order, a front 2" leveling kit, dB Borla exhaust (#24905), nerf bars, spray in bed liner and some wind/rain deflectors, Black Bear or Diablo tune, and fog light install. I may do a tiny bit of audio upgrades but I'll stick with appearance/performance for now.
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