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  1. https://www.etsy.com/shop/DeVriesSigns Love the all black myself and supporting my son who is a police officer
  2. Added a few more updates and this will be it for a little while. Bought some overlay stickers for my GMC emblems and a Superman hitch cover. Had the overlays on for about 3 days now and they seem to be holding perfectly.
  3. New to this forum didn't mean to start a whole new topic...meant to post to the topic "what did you do with your T1 today" Don't know how to delete a topic.
  4. Got a few more things done to the truck today. Had the Rhino Lining done at a local shop then my son and I installed 5" black oval steps and a BakStop Mx4 bed cover. Ordering online and doing it myself saved almost $750! My GMC emblem overlays shipped today and so did my Superman hitch cover. Almost done fixing it up (for now).
  5. Yes they do. I haven’t received mine, so can’t say anything about it. Here is where I bought mine https://www.etsy.com/listing/671474318/precut-no-trimming-uncoated-no-poly?ref=shop_home_feat_4
  6. My first change was to add my Seahawks and thin blue line stickers to my truck. Then I debadged it. Getting a spray in liner tomorrow. Fedex just informed me today that the step bars and Mx4 tonneau cover will arrive this week!! My last update for a little while will be this overlay for my GMC badge in front and then a solid black overlay for the back.
  7. Still happy with them? What brand? look great
  8. Thanks! So basically turn off WiFi in the settings? Does that limit the I infotainment system? I’m not going to pay for WiFi after the trial so I guess it doesn’t matter.
  9. I wish. When contacted they told me they couldn’t do anything to help me and asked me to make an appointment with the dealer. I have done that, but thought someone might have a fix.
  10. I just bought a 2019 GMC Sierra and everything seems to be working fine except one thing keeps popping up. Any help would be great! I get this message often Then this comes up after a while I setup wifi with Onstar I've even tried connecting to my phone hotspot with no luck. It seems that my Bluetooth connections drops often with my iPhone. I tried to create a profile but I cannot get to the internet so it doesn't allow. Any help would be great or back to the dealer because onstar was no help.
  11. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue but from time to time I have an issue with my Bluetooth system. My phone will connect to Bluetooth but when I go to use it the call connects to Bluetooth and you can hear the click on the stereo but then the radio plays super loud. The phone goes through on the phone but I cannot hear anything. They can hear me but all that I hear is my radio super loud. Any thoughts?
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