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  1. Well apparently it was a website error and no longer a valid price???, I should have ordered them when I saw it It didn't include the $110 LED kit. Sorry for the confusion
  2. Can't decide on the AMP ones for $970 or these RBP ones for $1300?? They look awesome
  3. Service brake assist popped up on mine today, 12,000 miles. I visit the dealer tomorrow afternoon.
  4. My kids wanted to pair a Bluetooth speaker to our AT4 but I couldn't figure out how or if it could? Side the outlet in the bed kept shutting off unless they unplugged the vacuum they were using?
  5. What wheels are you running, size? Look Great! Did you sell your running boards?
  6. I like how these RBP ones look: https://rollingbigpower.com/product4.php?aid=1139&year=2019&make=GMC&model=Sierra 1500&subcategory=STEALTH POWER RUNNING BOARDS
  7. Is that enough back spacing with the 20 x 10?
  8. Any pictures of them retracted? I like a more stealth/ flush look
  9. I will part with my18's for anyone interested in the PNW. located in Oregon
  10. Plenty of rubber, post pictures when you are set
  11. Thanks for the update. What size tire do you plan on running?
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