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  1. Custom trail boss exhaust

    It fits the AT4 so I don't see why it wouldn't?
  2. AT4 better value than trail boss?

    Interesting it changed to only $1000 but it worked out better for me anyway.
  3. AT4 better value than trail boss?

    They wanted to add $2500 to the price if I didn't use their financing??? I got their advertised price matched locally in Oregon and didn't need to fly in and drive back
  4. 2019 External Antenna?

    Installed with zero loss of reception, should get a better picture from the other side
  5. With the short antenna and front tint
  6. I am looking at these Arkon wheels 20x10-25 and want to make sure they will work on my AT4 with 35" tires? It appears I will need the 1.5" spacer to make them work not sure if I will need any additional trimming? https://www.arkonoffroad.com/buy-wheel-offset/K11120101745L/arkon-off-road-cleopatra-20x10-25?
  7. wireless charging upgrade

    iPhone XS works great with my new AT4 fast and easy
  8. 2019 External Antenna?

    Thanks for the tip, mine shorty is on order now
  9. 2019 External Antenna?

    Definitely the same issue I have going into my garage,
  10. I love how the wheels fill out the wheel well, wondering the specs on the wheels/ tire combo?
  11. Good to know, thanks for the replies. Oh course the dealer had no idea what I was talking about???
  12. 2019 External Antenna?

    I would be interested in a stubby short antenna that doesn't sacrifice reception quality, any good links/ options out there?
  13. I recently took a survey GMC all-weather floorliners, during the survey it said my AT4should have come with carpeted floor mats? I only received the all weather floorliners just curious to see what others received with the delivery of their new AT4? For the record I absolutely love the all-weather floorliners and the protection that they offer for my wet weather conditions
  14. How about those Tigers

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