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  1. I know the specs on that wheel are same as the stock 20" but can't confirm the back spacing?
  2. Looking to run this wheel and would like to run a 35" tire on my current stock AT4. Has anybody tried these wheels? Will I need a level kit with UCA or a lift to do so? Product Info Venomrex 601 20" X 9" ET0 (Chevy/GMC/Dodge) Mystic Black Flow Forged All Terrain Wheel Wheel Specs Size: 20X9.0 PCD: 6X139 (Chevy/GMC/Dodge) Offset: 0 (Chevy/GMC/Dodge) Backspacing: 5.0" (Chevy/GMC/Dodge) Bore: 106 (Chevy/GMC/Dodge) Load Rating: 2,600 lbs Specs Size: 20X9.0 PCD: 6Xhevy/GMC/Dodge) Offset:(Chevy/GMC/Dodge) Backspacing: 5.0" (Chevy/GMC/Dodge) Bore: 87 Bore: 106 (Chevy/GMC/Dodge) Load Rating: 2,600 lbs
  3. I would look for someone selling takeoffs
  4. I went with the Rotofab CAI and have had zero issues about 15K miles on it. I have been very happy with this product. With poer running boards I went with the stealth RBP and haven't looked back!
  5. I emailed them to see if it was compatible with the AT4 with no response? I also have the Rotofab CAI and have been very happy with it.
  6. Another satisfied customer, superb quality Construction, easy installation!
  7. Installed the Roto Fab cold air intake! Directions were easy to understand and follow, what a wonderful quality Edition to the truck.
  8. So the 2020 At4 now have Adaptive cruise control. Is this just a software update we can get to update our 2019.
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