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  1. Just curious, the harness part numbers I provided are different than the ones you mentioned that were replaced by new part numbers. Am I missing something? Bear with me, this is all very confusing to me so I apologize if I'm asking a dumb question.
  2. I do have seat memory but before I purchased the mirrors and harnesses I provided my vin and they told me I'd need those specific harnesses and to have the memory module reflashed for everything to work. I hope this isn't another issue I'll have. I just got my headlights retrofitted and that turned out to be a 2 month long disaster. I can't handle any more problems at this point.
  3. Just curious, I dropped off my 14 sierra Denali to install the oem tow mirrors without the power fold option with the LH Door Harness 23171572, RH Door Harness 23171566 and Jumper Harness 23387133 and I was told it's a 7 hour job for a total $485. I told them forget it and I'd come pick it up. That sounds way out of line. Anybody else have this issue?
  4. I'm curious what the non diy'ers paid to have the dealer install their mirrors, just the labor cost. Time is an issue so if I did this myself I'm not sure when I'd get around to it so I wanna make sure if I pay to install that they don't try to overbid on their cost.
  5. The way GM made it to where you have to take off the front middle fender and bolts in the wheel well just to get access to remove the headlights is further proof that the engineers and technicians should work together to simplify this stuff. Anyway, I'm taking this thread off topic. Again I appreciate the info and if I get time once it's all done I'll post pics of my setup.
  6. I gotcha. I appreciate the info. That's what I needed to know. Thanks
  7. I saw that but it was my understanding by reading through this forum from time to time that it seems some people need the harness and some don't depending on models and what comes standard with their specific truck so I was checking if anyone with the same model as mine knew for sure. Mine is a 1500 with standard non towing power fold mirrors. I guess if I knew what the purpose of the harness was for I'd have a better understanding of whether I'd need it or not.
  8. Question for anyone that got the oem looking tow mirrors such as the ones linked below, I've got a 14 sierra Denali and I'm wondering if these mirrors are plug n play or if I'll need the harness. Anyone purchased these and know? Thanks https://www.ebay.com/itm/132000762223 2014-2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 Sierra Power+Heated+Smoke LED Signal Tow Mirrors
  9. Where did you get that hood at? That's nice.
  10. I'm bringing this old post back up to see if anyone knows if these are available for the 14 sierra 1500? I can't seem to find anything that says works with the 1500, only 3500 which is odd, so wondering if the sellers don't really know for sure since on ebay it's been known to happen that bulk sellers have no clue what they're selling. Thanks!
  11. I tried that, but I'm wondering if I need both sides hooked up to even test it. That's why I wanted to know who's dealt with this situation so I know exactly how many to get.
  12. Hey, I got all new rear led's to replace the factory rear brake/turn signal lights, side marker lights, reverse lights and cargo brake and reverse lights, all purchased from TRS and I didn't realize I'd have hyperflash, I didn't really look into it much before purchasing. I was told on a different forum to get load resistors, so I did, I got 2, one for each side, and still have hyperflash. I figure this is a better place to ask this question since they weren't too sure about the sierras rear light setup, so my question is for anyone that's had this happen on the same truck, how many load resistors do I need? I posted a link below of what I bought. Thanks for the help. http://www.jdmastar.com/product/251/7443-50W-6Ohm-LED-Load-Resistors-Set-of-2.html
  13. If the air box is the same on the 5.3 as the 6.2, I'll sell you mine cheap.
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