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  1. +1 on this question. My 14' had the 5100's on the 3rd setting (loved em) and they lasted 100K+ miles before I replaced em.... Now I don't know if I should stick with a proven product or fork over the extra cash for the 6112's on my new 18 (#memorialdaysavings)
  2. I took a gamble & swapped the battery, eventhough the old one "passed" the tests at O'Reilly's. That was the problem apparently as my flickering/blinking headlight issue is no more.
  3. Interesting. I took mine to the auto shop and the battery passed plus the alternator. I didn't check for codes though.
  4. 2014 Silverado here as well with the same issue @ 105k miles. I do have a "newer" battery (40k miles on it give or take) + the Phillips crystalvision bulbs for at least four months. I first started noticing the "flicker" in the head lights when I signal about two weeks ago. It's only a split second, but it's there. I also noticed my lights pulsating in cadance with the rpms at idle today, which I've never seen before (i was facing a reflective sign on a freeway exit and it gave me some visual feedback). Perhaps the lights have always done this, and I never noticed with the stocks because they suck, but my wife's car and a few other guys at work have the same (or similar bulbs) with no noticeable flicker. Ergo, I assume I have a problem lol I'm going to take a trip to the auto store and see what they think. My voltage meter showed my alternator charging @ 14 and change I believe and my battery had 12 and change. This was a few weeks ago though when I got a DIC message of "low battery voltage". Perhaps something has changed since then...
  5. 2014 1500 4x4 LT. I'm on the 1.26" setting. I bought these shocks after i found a new fly fishing hike that begins where a fire road ends. That road was so i washed out i was bouncing up and down like a jackrabbit on crack. I seriously could not go faster than 5-10 mph without the front end uncontrollably hopping. The weekend after the install I went back to the same road and gave it a whirl... now i can just zip right through most parts. Overall it's a very firm ride that leaves me feeling "in control" of the truck at all times. These are definitely one of the best buys i've made for this truck.
  6. you will not notice a loss with the 18" magnaflow and 3" pipe from the catalytic convertor on back. http://www.magnaflow.com/products?partNumber=11259 I just put that on my truck and i am happy. There is a tiny bit of chop in V4... but nothing major with the windows up and the radio off; turn the radio on and that chop disappears. I coupled it with an AFE Magnum FORCE Pro DRY S Stage-2 to make it sound meaner than it really is
  7. AFE Magnum FORCE Pro DRY S Stage-2 Intake System # 51-32332. I definitely like the sound it produces... I used to have an enclosed AFE MagnumFORCE Stage-2 Si Pro 5R Intake System on my 2008 which was throatier than my current one... but i still like this one anyways. In any case, the 51-32332 was the only CARB legal CAI i could get my hands on before our roadtrip to Yosemite the next day. The last time i made this trip in May (~775 miles total) i averaged 18.4 MPG. This time around in August with the same route/destination + layovers at our favorite pit stops, roughly the same "MPH" traveled, the same amount of luggage, beer, snacks etc... I averaged 19.2 MPG. So in my opinion, I feel like I made a solid purchase.
  8. Well I agree on both of your stealership comments... And both of you just confirmed my thoughts on the posi. I've never had any rear drive vehicle lock up before so its just the oddest thing. I figure there might have been some secret someone knows about to keep that rear diff free I.e. maintenance, switch out the existing fluid and use a different brand of fluid, keep my foot out of the throttle lol etc.. Some simple solutions I guess is what I was after. Thanks for the comments thus far
  9. 2014 Silverado LT 1500 4x4. So i was coming back to work today and i chirped the wheels in the driveway as usual... Then I noticed something funny as I pulled into one of the stalls. As I made the sharp left to swing into the spot I felt like my truck's 4x4 was engaged. I say that because I had to press harder on the gas pedal and it felt like the rear tires weren't pushing the truck. It was reminiscent of being on the trail and hearing the engine push harder to get the tires going. In any case, I pulled in with the rear left wheel hopping and semi dragging. I was going no more than 5mph BTW. So i straightened the wheel and backed straight out. The truck moved just fine. As I turned the wheel to swing the front end left in reverse I could hear the rear left wheel "hop" on the asphalt/rocks. I stopped and turned the traction control on/off. I then pulled forward a little in a turn and same symptoms. I then turned the 4x4 from 2wd to 4 hi and then back to 2wd. After each engaged I started turning right to go down the driveway with the wheel still hop/dragging. So I deliberately hit a bump to see how it would act. As the crest of the bump i heard a LOUD pop. After that I could turn the truck sharply and the rear wheels wouldn't bind. It was back to normal. Any thoughts?
  10. Well i have yet to take my truck in for this issue... so maybe I'll try bringing them some Starbucks or something to kick things off in the right direction lol. Until then I'm just going to lube away.
  11. It's funny that you said this. I've been to Yosemite and Groveland twice in the last two months, and have 1 more trip coming up in August. So +1 on the added lighting; it's a practical necessity on those highways. I'm really looking forward to using the light bar for the first time out there. BTW, I plan on wiring it directly into the high beams as well for exactly the same reason that you cited. Yosemite ROCKS!
  12. So for my own information, the only thing i can do do rid myself of the squeak is to lube and re-lube before i take my truck in for its' next service etc.. correct? https://youtu.be/po-MuNCxMEo Also, does anyone else think that my leaf springs are a hair outta whack? (use the wrench as a make shift level).
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    Leaf Spring Squeak

    Leaf Spring Squeak
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