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  1. Awesome, thank you. I ordered the I-1000 since I don't want to see any gauges or visible tuning stuff like the T-1000. I didn't see any other difference than that.
  2. Does anyone else have any experience with the diablewtunes? I want to tune the truck and lots of people rave about blackbear, but in my old Ford I had an Edge tuner that was custom tuned for 91 octane and performance and I loved it. So I was thinking about getting a Diablo but wanted it custom, so wondering if anyone else had any success.
  3. Thank you everyone for all of the information on this thread. Spent a lot of hours reading every thing here and a few other pages. Pulled the trigger on an Elite gen2 catch can. Only have 3200 miles on the truck so hopefully it won't be too bad before I get the can in and installed. Again, thank you very much...and here I thought I was done buying things for my truck!
  4. The full front and full rear pics aren't showing the tires clearly. I can post those tomorrow's. Sorry for keeping you waiting it makes the heart grow fonder. If you are waiting for my pics to pull the trigger on tires I'm sorry, just go for it though! You know they'll fit, it'll be awesome. If you put wider tires on stock wheels you will more likely have more rub. But taller may start to have rub issues in back without actual lift or something, right? I could be wrong.
  5. I measured with the weight of the truck on, I had tires installed at 1000 miles and I haven't taken them off, I have driven little over 2000 miles only on them. For width I measure just the tread itself, not any of the bloat from the tires. Sorry for the delay in pics guys, been busy and I'm finally getting my exhaust done tomorrow! Flowmaster super 44, single in dual out, three inch all throught with two 2.5" pipes dumping out each side. But that's another story and another thread. Its night time so I hope the pics are alright. I'll try and get more tomorrow once I get my truck back.
  6. Sweet truck! The best thing is you found one that you are happy with and suits you, it looks awesome. I didn't get a chance to see a Texas edition at the dealer, but that one looks great.
  7. I'll try and get some more pics in soon. Took some today around noon and the sun and shadows blurred out the tires. Not sure why BFG says 34.5", as that is what I was thinking they were too. Discount Tire even said they were going to come in just shy of 35". I did measure my the tires after it had sat there overnight, not sure If that makes a difference. Either way, 2.5" level with this size tire will fit with only minor rub. I love the way they look and I got all the tire I wanted out of them.
  8. From the ground to top of tire it's 33.5" and it's just shy of 11" wide with the rims that I have.
  9. Here is the front and rear tires, sorry if they are at a crappy angle. Forgot to mention, these are on the stock 20x9 all terrain wheels that come on the SLT Plus package or whatever.
  10. Here's the pics of my truck (2015 All Terrain) I have the 285/65/20 with a 2.5" level in the front only. There is only a slight rub in the front when i lock the tires while turning. I have taken it on gravel, mud, and packed dirt and haven't had any issues with the tires being too large. I love them, been over three months so far, they have been awesome. Here is where the tire rubs on the inside of the well. Not sure if it is because the All Terrain's come with that carpet crap. It would be easy enough to cut out, and the piece it is rubbing on actually is sagging forward a little bit and at an angle heading towards the tire. Not sure if you can see it that well in the picture.
  11. I was sold on getting these babies black out, until seeing JerryCanada's picture. Now I have some thinking to do hahaha, they look good and have thrown off all my thinking. I have run BFG All Terrains for almost 10 years and it's always been black out. With the white out is it still easy to shine the tires? I usually shine it with a sponge after a wash and drying time.
  12. I think either way can look nice, but to me the white letters are dated and out of style; unless you're building a trophy truck or a classic one. I mean I see white letters and I just think "wow, look at that old man truck" but of course I mostly see white letters on tires OTHER than BFG. Especially when the white letters are on street tires on a truck...gross.
  13. Maybe? hahaha. my center console doesnt fold up into a seat. But I like it that way.
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