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  1. Where you located? May be interested CAI and dvd headrest. I’ll be driving from VA to Texas next week.
  2. I am. Put my order in a while ago since I needed trans fluid for camaro and that’s what I’ve been using for few years
  3. Thanks. The only mobile 1 Walmart had was extended life so looks like I’ll be buying amsoil. Still using the acdelco filters
  4. Coming up on 50k miles and going to change a few things I don’t typically change out. To this point had dealership do all oil changes but going to do this one myself. What brand are most of using for oil, transfer case, trans, etc are you using? I usually use mobile 1 or amsoil in my cars. First time changing it out in a truck and looking for recommendations from those who have been working on trucks. Thanks
  5. Do you know which tsb? I tried to get this fixed long ago and told nothing they could do
  6. I've got a highly modified camaro and would take it in for warranty work no issues.
  7. Mine just goes on the dashboard. Not sure all the hate in here though. Who cares who wears one? Hits headrest just like yours if I try to wear it
  8. Yes but they should last longer than a year and 23 months. I had to replace bulb and resistor last time
  9. Having the same issue with morimoto 9012s. Passenger side went out around a year after install and now just short of 2 years from original install driver side stopped working. Installed by a supplier that was recommended by TRS
  10. Anyone who says a truck is fast is nuts to begin. If you want it to be "fast" then switch out gears and it'll feel "faster"
  11. And you've never been to middle of Texas where you get no service for an hour any direction.
  12. My All Terrain Sierra came with SRAs. Took em off within a hundred miles
  13. Are most people having FM or XM issues? I drop XM around the city everyday no matter the weather, even when not going under a bridge/overpass
  14. If its anything like Texas, everyone knows a guy
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