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  1. Thanks for the clarification, I have a '15 2WD Silverado CC SB with the LTZ Z71 package, it has the Rancho Shocks and I have noticed a bit more bounce than it used to have but I have 75k on her at this point. I did find out one thing, at least in my case the bed created a ton of vibes.. once I put a bed cover on it the vibs calmed 90% bet if I put new shocks it would be smooth again
  2. I Don't see how you can say it was the tires since you replaced the tires and the shocks, have you put the old shocks back on to see if the VIB comes back with the new tires.
  3. 1956 After a Transmission failure, a A/C failure now the damned POS OnStar has failed... these efferes better get me freakin fixed up!! effing tired of these damned POS Chevrolets. 2004
  4. Got my truck back after almost 5 weeks in the GM Shop, they had to replace the Transmission because it sang so bad in over-drive that you had to keep the radio on so you would not hear it.. now the freakin A/C goes out within 2 days of getting it back!! can you believe that? the A/C goes out! 1643 And the damn thing still shakes like a Cheap Hooker at a Frat Party!! All this on a truck with 35,000 miles on it. I feel like a damn fool for buying another 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Do the 2500/3500 models have the same issues?
  5. Now why would you tell him that?? you just like the guy that told me he would help me and did nothing... don't lie to people and give them false hope, that is just not right or fair!
  6. So Anthony, you should really talk to the dealership, they are brushing me off again on the tire issues and I have to buy a new tire again because they keep going bad. I took it for a second opinion yesterday and the tire was so badly out of round it would have taken 4oz and 6oz to fix it at Discount Tire.. hell you could see the tire hop in the machine. Don Hewlett Chevrolet (512) 681-3000 They say because I scrub the curb with my tires it is causing them to go out-of-round. I say BS on that. 344
  7. Wow they replaced the tire?? at 16k I had a tire develop a high spot in the center of the tire and they rotated it to the right rear and it vibed so bad I bought a new one on my dime because the dealer said it was not their issue!!
  8. Are you trying to be negative or did I just take it that way?
  9. Update, today I took it in for an oil change and to have them look at the vibration and suggested they check the u-joint torque. The service manager and I drove around for half-an-hour and he said and I quote.. "Uhh.. you have an issue with the rear-end, sounds like the Ring and Pinion by the whine.. we had had quite a few issues as of late and if the ring is bad it will cause this vibration you have so we are gonna rebuild the rear-end, good thing you have a loaner.. and btw.. we are gonna re-check the tires too and shocks and struts as well" Sounds like they are at least taking it all seriously. Will update when I learn more.
  10. I should mention, it is a 2wd, I do tow a trailer once or twice a year and do not do heady duty off-road. I only bought the Z71 package for the looks not for 4wd
  11. Ok guys here is an odd one, when I bought my 2015 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab Z71 with 18" wheels it rode like butter and smooth as silk. Now at 28,000 miles it rides like a tank and has a fairly good shake that I can't get rid of. Do you think it is the U-Joints?
  12. I was told by my service advisor that the Chirp/Squeak is the blow-by valve releasing to control the "weird" rumble in the exhaust caused by the AFM (Active Fuel Management) in V4 mode, there is not enough pressure on the exhaust under normal idle to keep the valve open so as soon as you hit the gas it throws the valve open. Your hearing the valve slam open against the built-in stop. "Clang!"
  13. I don't understand what "shimming" a motor mount would accomplish? I can buy the driveshaft and radial force variance but the motor mount throws me. Can you explain how that would make any difference?
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