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  1. Mine went slower doing that. Seemed like 1100-1300 area was the best. My guess would be that the engine is allowed to flash and hit the converter a little harder that way vs being stalled up or loaded up near its limit.
  2. I was launching in 4wd Auto with the Traction Control turned off. Right after the launch, I would turn it back to 2wd. I would brake torque the converter to 1200rpm. Still love the truck. Now, it has 142,000 miles Haha. Good luck and post ur results.
  3. What was your mpg numbers before on regular gasoline during similar driving? I'm very interested in this. Any numbers from the track stock, tuned or now with E-85 conversion? Thanks for info and share
  4. 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali - 4x4 CC/SB - 6.2/8-spd trans Love the truck! Towed my sons truck up from Georgia through the mountains to MI with ease. Averaged 13.5 towing 70-75mph. 7000lbs
  5. I agree. I had a 2015 2500hd Denali cc/6.5 bed with a Duramax before my current truck. It was an awesome truck and i put 35,000 on it in 8 months. But, it was too much truck for my needs. Had planned to toe with it a lot, work changed those plans and trying to park it downtown (wont fit in our parking garage).....Sucked! Couldn't take it and traded it in. If you tow, it's the way to go. For me, I'm very happy with my choice. P
  6. Agree love driving mine too. I have an 89 mustang gt with heads and vortech blower. I want to piss all the purist off and swap one of these power trains in it! Lol Would run awesome and get amazing fuel economy
  7. I have a 2015 Sierra Denali 4x4 cc/sb with the 6.2/8-spd combo-black. Almost to the 2 year ownership mark and 80,000 miles. It needs tires and the magneride shocks (3 are leaking). While brakes are still good, they are starting to develop pulsation when slowing down heavy from hwy speeds. So basically needing to dump $2500 in it to keep going forward. My current mileage is right at 35,000 miles a year. There are common mile stones (many mentioned in this thread) to go buy as to when to trade in. Some say within the warranty period, others drive the wheels off, others drive until repairs become to costly etc. I'd like to get good money towards my next trade but my gut is saying its probably not now given my high miles. Kind of leaning towards trading it around 145-150,000/4 years. Would appreciate any thoughts/experience anybody would be willing to share here. Thx.
  8. These company's know what they are doing (unfortunately). They know a lot of us would buy a stripper with the bad ass Powertrain. I don't need all the gizmos, just want the high end Powertrain. Makes them tons of money that way. For my next truck, i'd like to buy a high mileage Silverado SS and swap a donor 6.2/8-spd Powertrain in it! I loved my SS but it's mileage sucked! As much as that would be cool and Cheap! I know I will succumb to my "want the newest" gadgets/gizmos and buy a new 2019/2020 model. They are supposed to be a lot lighter, start/stop technology, new generation i.e. more efficient engine, 10 spd trans , Etc I won't be able to resist lol!!!
  9. I think GM has a patent on that technology so unfortunately not likely. Could go to regular shocks I suppose but obviously defeats the purpose :-( You must be older like me (I'm 46) cuz everyone I know that has these are younger and don't get the same mileage lol!!!! I remember those days. Gas pedal was either on or off lmao!
  10. Yes it would! To add to your earlier point about towing. I towed about 7,000lbs with my cc/sb/4x4 a couple of years ago from GA up to MI. I was in a hurry so I didn't baby and it was a monster for a gas truck! Averaged 13.5 towing 70-75 easily. And this was going up through the mountains. I was passing cars going uphill with ease. I can't say enough how impressed I am with this package. Took it to the track to see what it would do and it went 13.70's at 99mph!!!!! It was hitting the veh spd limiter hard just before the stripe! That was in 50^ ambient temps from what I recall. Pretty impressive. My average mph display on my trip odometer is 35mph (mixed driving) and I average 19-20 under those circumstances. Best average was 21.3 for a tank but had to drive very easy. I averaged 19.2 for over 10,000 miles. 20.2 average is super easy too. It's a great package. To put this same Powertrain in a lighter chassis........heaven!
  11. To add to the above, would love to get the 6.2/8-spd package in a regular cab/shortbed truck. Add an SS option and I would be in heaven
  12. Lol. No doubt! Ride is good but at 60-70k miles not worth the money. On a Cadillac CTS-v yes, truck no. Live and learn I guess. I wanted to try the MRC but probably would have passed. It was the only 6.2 truck on the lot and I made an impulse decision cause I wanted it now. Honestly, I should have ordered a trailer tow package 6.2/8-spd combo in the SLT and saved a few bucks like I was planning. And last, why does GM have to be so GREEDY. Please offer the 6.2/8-spd with and SLE!!!
  13. To add to this subject. I have a 2015 Sierra 1500 Denali and I agree, the 6.2 / 8 spd combo is outstanding!!! The ride was great too, now not so much. At around 50-60k, one of my front shocks started leaking. Dealer quoted me a ridiculous price to replace it (I have the extended warranty so price was my ded plus some % of part based off of miles, etc). I was having other work done so I don't recall the exact amount quoted and the dealer also thought it had standard shocks on the front and MRC only on the back. Given the price and the fact that shocks should always be replaced in pairs I was like screw it. I'll replace both fronts with some Bilsteins or something for a litle more money but at least I'll have replaced both units. Well ride gets worse and I start looking for shocks and realize they aren't available because my truck DOES have MRC on the front (easily confirmed by the wire coming out of the top of the shock lol). So, fast forward to today and my truck has 78,000 miles (ride is absoluted horrible now). Took truck in and now three shocks are leaking! Price (probably retail) for the three shocks is like $2800 but GM is willing to help me out a little. Quoted me $1500 to replace the three. Well you know the 4th is right behind the other 3. So "if" I can get them to replace all 4, I'm sure the price will be around $2000. WTF! Shaking my head. I guess shame on me for wanting the MRC in the first place. Definitely, a negative from my perspective regarding this experience. I'm looking at on-line pricing for these MRC shocks. Gmpartsdirect looks to have them for about $345 a piece! So @$1400-1500 in parts alone plus labor unless I do them.....sheez! Expect repairs fellas around 60-80,000 miles. Note: My truck has never been off road and is driven in a mixed type of driving around town primarily (Detroit metro area). And I baby it. I look for the potholes and avoid them if at all possible. I ease over speed bumps and into my driveway, etc. Oh well........Good luck
  14. I have 70,000 miles on my 2015 Sierra 1500 --- 6.2/8 spd Denali. It developed the clunking (typically on a decel at low speeds). Usually, notice it in heavy stop and go traffic or when rolling up to a light. It wasn't there new and got progressively worse as time went on. Had many trans reflashes, etc but didn't fix the problem. GM eventually came out with a technical service bulletin to address my concern and they replaced the transmission. I forget how long ago, but I think it was around 55,000-60,000 when I got it replaced. Problem free and no abnormal clunks since. I do know that the problem was a stack up of clearances in one of the clutch packs in early build units. I know they corrected that (iirc mid 2015 builds and later). So obviously, later builds have updated clearances in the trans and as time goes on, calibrations are further refined to improve driving experience that much more. Love my truck! GM has take care of my concerns and I'm looking forward to buying the new generation truck. Oh and for the record, my buddy bought a brand new 2015 F-150 with the 3.5 ecoboost and my truck is faster in the 1/4 and gets better economy to boot. I took my truck to the track to see what it would do and it went 13.77 at 99mph with a 1.93 60 foot stock! It went 14.0's in the heat! I weigh 295 to boot. Truck weighs 5700 without me. I've towed 7000lbs with it and it did it with ease. Towed through the mountains coming back from SC/GA area to MI. It had no problems running the speed limit with that weight even going up grades. Never felt like it was overworked one bit. Averaged 13-14 while towing that weight at 70-75mph. Great powertrain! Economy is where I can't believe it. Over my last 10 tanks I've averaged 20-21mpg driving in mixed driving conditions. My average speed was 34 mph. One tank was in the 19's cuz I got a little wilder with my foot lol! My lifetime average up until 60,000 was around 18. That included some towing and tanks where I didn't care what the economy was. I screwed up and reset the trip odometer (truck has 2 of them) that I was keeping track of the lifetime mileage with. Since then, over 3000 miles, I'm averaging 19.5 at an average speed of 32 mph. Can't say enough good things about this truck/powertrain! An "A+" to you GM!!!! NOTE: if you dog it and drive it like a vette the mpg drops lol! The key is not doing the jack rabbit starts. When I take off, I let it shift out of 1st around 2000 and then around 1700 for 2nd and so on. Progressively lower rpms for the next few gears as the truck gets up to speed. It isn't accelerating excessively slow where people get pissed and its not wasting excessive fuel. I have averaged 21.5 over a tank, but that is driving very carefully and probably pissing people off behind me. Again, this is mixed city driving----I'd say 50/50 split. On freeway, I get 21-22 at normal speed (70-75). If I keep it 65-70, it goes up in the 22-23 range. Can you tell I like this truck :-D Imagine losing 600-700lbs! I'd say low 13's and at least 2 mpg better.....! Good luck with your trans woes original poster. Hope GM does right by you. I'd say be nice but firm and be persistent! Good luck
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