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  1. I’ve had 2 fluid changes on my tranny. 2015 6.0. I’m afraid my torque converter might be going out. Starting to bog under light acceleration and slipping into 2nd.
  2. 2015 2500hd 6.0. Is starting to do the Service Trailer Brake System while driving with out a trailer or anything plugged in. Any tips or tricks? Thanks!
  3. I get my oil changed at the dealer.. They’ve been using a PF63E oil filter for my 6.0. Next oil change should I change to the PF48?
  4. Anyone have any experience with this kit? Looks easy to install with great results. 20% off Currently. Thanks! https://headlightrevolution.com/2014-2018-chevrolet-silverado-1500-2500hd-3500hd-led-fog-light-conversion-kit-ultra-series/
  5. Yeah, my '15 6.0 did this... Tune will clean it up. It doesn't do it all the time now.
  6. Yes, the 5 speed Alison was used with the 8.1 big block. I believe the alison sucked away some of the 8.1s power. Great combo tho. Last forever!
  7. Been using the Nitto Exo Grappler. They're studdable. Haven't applied studs yet.. Average winter here. A few 4-6" snows and lots of ICE! These tires are incredible in all conditions. Plus they're quiet and wear great.
  8. yep, real world towing and driving the 6.0 is hard to beat. after 50,000 miles I still love mine.. Not one issue. My last two fords I couldn't go a few hundred miles with out an issue... " Triton years"
  9. I was in the 230-250 range with a heavy wet 16" snow a few years back.. The 6.0 and the tranny can handle this all day long. No issues.. Enjoy the truck and plow!
  10. Has anyone Tried the Putco Silver lux?http://www.putco.com/products.cfm?action=ProductView&Product=605C7E19-E1DB-1D81-E03D-E8BC3DE26C29&Category=265206B2-AA7D-3526-3FBE-9867DB134C5F&bulbtypeid=55C7310C-22D5-42EA-A309-3B5C1F53E52B
  11. Anyone have any experience with these bulbs? http://www.putco.com/products.cfm?action=ProductView&Product=605C7E19-E1DB-1D81-E03D-E8BC3DE26C29&Category=265206B2-AA7D-3526-3FBE-9867DB134C5F&bulbtypeid=55C7310C-22D5-42EA-A309-3B5C1F53E52B Thinking about upgrading. Can't stand the stock lights on these HD's
  12. Both the 6.2 and 6.0 are great engines. I went with the 6.0 for the proven track record. My '15 6.0 pulls trailers and plows snow most of it's life.. I was stock for 37,000 miles Put a CZIPAR custom tune on it. I'm now at 49,000. No issues. The truck responds so much better. Perfect shifts. No down shifts on small grades. Down shifts perfectly when needed. The 6.0 is a work horse and with a mild tune it's unstoppable. My mileage stayed the same. I average around 8-10mpgs around town with loads. If you live in the midwest I can get you squared away with CZIPAR 380$ for a custom tune is a steal. I very rarely drive my 05 LLY Dmax anymore.
  13. Custom tune really helps out these 6.0s. Tuned mine back in July. 5,000 miles of smiles and power! no issues!
  14. Mine does it too... 45k miles bars turned up... Haven't found the culprit yet.. Been doing it for 10k miles
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