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  1. Does a +18 or -12 have any consequence on suspension ware or anything like that?
  2. Thanks in advance for any information! I am looking to level my sierra with a Motofab 2.5 inch leveling kit and need some advice on wheels and tires. I'd like to get a set of Method wheels 18x9 either with a -12 or +18 offset. I don't know much about how offsets work so any recommendations would be great. https://www.methodracewheels.com/collections/wheels/products/standard-matte-black Also, to pair with this setup i'd like to run Toyo CT 275/65/18 (32.1x10.8x18) wheels. https://www.toyotires.com/tire/pattern/off-road-tires-open-country-ct Any thoughts on if this setup is feasible and which offset would work best? Thanks
  3. Im looking for a little more sound coming from the exhaust system. I don't have the money to drop 700-1000 on a full exhaust setup so I was wondering which mufflers would give me a good sound. Not looking to be obnoxiously loud, just want a little more of a growl when I start the engine and such. Any experiences?
  4. Fog light options?

    Anybody know any good off-brand pods to use as fog lights? something similar to the rigid pods?
  5. Im really confused by the wire in the photo. Its coming from the headlight of a morimoto HID kit. This is the driver's side headlight and there seems to be no problems with the HIDs functioning. Did I do something wrong ?
  6. Lights

  7. For anyone interested: I got a set of OPT7 LEDs for my sierra. At first I liked the color of the light but realized that the light output really wasn't that much better than stock. So I returned the bulbs and got a morimoto HID kit from TRS. I was nervous to do an HID conversion because I had no prior experience working under the hood. However, I can assure you that the HID kit is a doable install for anyone who can look at a diagram and make use of a flathead screwdriver. Seriously, HIDs are way brighter and have a way better long distance output than LEDs. Just go with HIDs and save yourself the hassle.
  8. Plastidipping it is easy. and you can peel it off if you decide you don't like it later on.
  9. Powder Coat Bumpers??

    I plasti dipped my front bumper but it peeled off during a trip on the highway in the rain. How much was it to wrap your front bumper??
  10. Opt7 led lights

    I also returned my OPT7 headlights. The color was great but the light output wasn't considerably better than stock. Got a morimoto HID kit from TRS but have yet to install it.
  11. Im about to order a morimoto sierra kit from TRS. Does anyone have any input on whether the 35w or 55w ballasts are a better buy? Also, is there any video/ write up on how to install the kit besides the 1st page of this thread? Thanks
  12. Is the 55w morimoto kit significantly brighter than the 35w kit? Is it worth risking possible melting of the sierra projector housing?
  13. Opt7 led lights

    Mainly alignment but maybe both. I put the LEDs in the way that the stock bulb would have fit but the cutoff isn't straight anymore.. The edges curve up slightly just curious
  14. Opt7 led lights

    picture is fogs only sitting about 6-7 feet from the wall.. pretty awful
  15. Opt7 led lights

    Just curious.. Did you have any alignment issues with the cutoff after putting in the LED headlights?

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