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  1. New dealer new deal 2015 Crew, 3.42, all star package. 45.5k. 10k off. So 35.5k sale price before trade. Going tomorrow to get my trade appraised.
  2. Ok...so one GM dealer came down $9k off stickers. $44,105 sticker, selling price of $35,135. They're offer my $17k on my trade. If the truck was a 2015 and they gave me $19k on the trade, I'd be all in. To be continued.
  3. I expected 4 or 5k off and a lousy trade. This dealer just bought the dealership and said they want as many trucks driving around in the area as they can. Plus they own a Subaru dealer up in NH I believe.
  4. I don't want turn this into a brand war. Lets focus on the Silverados right now. Finally drove the Silverado. Would like to drive it again. Although, I do wish the steering telescoped. New dealer and their first stab at numbers were "ok" still too low on the trade and only 7k off on the truck.
  5. Of I was seeing 12k-14k on the hood of the 14 Silverado I'd be driving it home today. I'm going to try a different dealer. They sent me pricing on a 14 leftover that had "extra rebates" and they took 6k off the msrp and I'm getting a miserable trade.
  6. No thank you on the Tundra. Tech is much too dated and I have to like the styling. I liked the 07-13 Tundras styling, but I can't accept the 14 & 15's. Far too ugly for my taste.
  7. Well, I've moved beyond seeking out used trucks and I'm now cross shopping '15 Silverado's and F150. '14 F150s are out of the question, I did like the 15. But a '14 Silverado is enticing. I may be taking a gamble on the issues it could have. But that's what a warranty is for and the lemon law here in Mass. I know every truck no matter the brand will have issues. So I'm not worried there. I just want a good deal on a nice truck. So my question is...how much at a minimum should I expect in rebates? Currently I have $9k off a 2015 F150 XLT Crew with a strong trade. The '15 SIlverado has about $7k in rebates, they're not as strong on the trade and the truck is about $3k msrp cheaper ($45,500). End result, OTD cost is within a $1k of each other. Now I'm considering the '14s.
  8. It all started looking into a used 2014 Silverardo Crew LT. This truck had 14k miles but was fairly bare on options. Asking price was $27,999. It sold before I could get to the dealer. Next up was another used, same this as the first truck, but asking price was $30,800. Then I started adding in the things I would want like a locker, back up camera, etc. The list goes on. So I started venturing down the path of new. I've drive the 2015 Silverado and the 2015 Ford F150. I have both dealers pitting against each other at the moment. The Silverado MSRP is $45,455. They're discounting it to $38,815 They're crushing me on my trade. They're they $3k lower than the Ford Dealer. The ford is $48,475 with $9k in discounts So it's $39,475. Both have extremely similar packages. I like how both drive and I've one owned each brand before.
  9. I'm guessing that finding a used truck with 3.42s will be next to impossible.
  10. I think I need to search for one with the all star package non-z71. That is exactly, how I'd spec it.
  11. It's just my own experience, when I had my F150 with 18's and my Ram 1500 that had 20's...tires were most certainly more expensive for the 20's to get equivalent sized all terrains like BFG AT's, Goodyear Duratracs, etc..
  12. Thanks. 20" wheels mean nothong but stiffer ride and more expensive tires lol. Fog lamps would be nice, but not a deal breaker.
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