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  1. Thank you, I missed my scheduled appointment but will bring it up when I take the truck in.
  2. The truck skid and fishtailed very briefly but it was enough to make me pucker up. After explaining that to GM, I got the can't be duplicated crap. I replied, so you want me to wait for it to happen again and possibly get me and/or my passenger and another driver slamming into the rear end hurt or killed? The rep replied, as I have stated if it can't be duplicated we can't do anything about it and that is not a reason to replace your vehicle. Now I don't know about anyone else but that statement sounded to me like GM does not care about our safety.
  3. Sorry, I've been very busy. I was not going 95, I am positive I was doing 85, the tailor button was not engaged or any other questioned action. I did not get upset about some of the replies although some people should focus on the issue rather than my personal actions without knowing the facts. I have been arguing with GM because the problem happened again today. The truck is scheduled to go back to the shop tomorrow and I will see what happens from there.
  4. The dealer has done everything GM has told them to do. The feel of downshifting they couldn't duplicate as well as some other small things but over ask the dealer has been great. I've been in talks with GM about my state's lemon law because it was under repair 14 days past what the state says makes it a lemon but GM is bucking. I'll figure it out here soon.
  5. No sahla01gmc, Fed helping some close locals. Thank you for those of you that had adult level replies. Chris you may be right about what it may have felt like and for what i dwelt with I consider it a safety issue.
  6. Look, I had a police car and ambulance in front of me and two police cars and a rescue vehicle behind me. My profession is none of anyone's business. I did not post to divulge my career. I posted for adult replies about my truck.
  7. My reason for going that fast was well justified and I do not need him or anyone else to lecture me on how fast I was going. To answer your questions, yes. Everything you have mentioned, I have done.
  8. Also the speed I was doing is nothing to you. Who are you the speed police And a truck downshifting that low going that fast is dangerous because it cause the truck to fish tail. Why don't you stop trying to counter what everyone says. You must work for GM
  9. The truck downshifting while doing 85 has everything to do with safety. That is far from nit picking!
  10. I bought a 2014 Silverado LTZ with zero miles less what i put on it during the test drive and 3 months after driving it off the lot it started having issues. Biggest issue is while doing 85 on the interstate the truck downshifted from fifth to first very briefly. Took it in to be serviced but the dealership could not duplicate and GM says theres nothing they can do about it. I have to take it in when it happens. Thing is, next time could be deadly for me. after stating that all I got was, well I'm sorry but I don't know what else to tell you. Also while at the dealer, they worked on the vibration. First GM wanted them to switch the wheels with another like truck but realized that was not the issue. Next they told the dealer to change the rear end only to realize they didn't have any to send the dealer. Then they told the dealer to change the shims only to realize they didn't have any to send to them. One day out of the blue, shims show up. The dealer puts them on and says the truck is fixed. There is also a squeak in the rear end but the dealer says they can't duplicate it. All they have to do is listen. Well, after being in the shop for 45 days the vibration is still there. Can't put my head on the head rest without getting a headache, the squeak was never touched so it is still there. The auto heat and cool seat were reported as working to spec although I can auto start the truck twice for a total run time of 15-20 minutes and the seats are ice cold. Run my wifes 2015 malibu for 10 minutes and the seats are very warm to the touch. I have lost all faith in GM. I do not feel they care about anything but the dollar. When I stated that should I, a passenger or other drivers be injured should the truck downshift again they will be out of more money than just replacing the truck and the reply I received was, I'm sorry but I don't know what else to tell you but we can't change the vehicle.
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