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  1. Black Bumps on Roof?

    There were antennas on the roof. I'd make sure the plugs are sealed well and let it be.
  2. I'd probably be inclined to check my grounds and make sure they're all ok and making good contact. Barring that, I'd probably head to the dealer and ask them to maybe reflash the computer. Maybe something has gotten haywire and needs to be reprogrammed. That's about all I could think of.
  3. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    My 2013, love everything about this truck.
  4. Most likely because these engines are "tuned" to maximum efficiency and to meet ridiculous emissions standards. GM is tweaking every last bit of economy out of these engines, not performance. My '13 is the same way.
  5. 5.3 loud click

    Exhaust manifold gasket or broken bolt, maybe?
  6. Ordering from Realtrucks.com

    Realtruck.com ships nothing. They're just a middleman, you place your order through them and they forward the order on to the supplier.
  7. Moroso Air-Oil Separator (Catch Can) Install

    I've been watching this thread and looking at the Moroso can as well. Any idea how large that collector cup is on there? Guess the reason I'm asking is I'm wondering how often it will have to be drained.

    Charlestown here.

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