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  1. Check the cab vents low on the back of each side. Drivers side had a rotted gasket. I got some stick on weatherstrip from a parts store. 5/16" x 1/4" I think. I did the 3rd brake light with that too. All dry now. MichaelJT
  2. Well, I know why you needed the threaded rod and nut. The strap is actually too short to reach the bracket. I fixed it by modifying the strap to be longer there and that fixed it. The strap had already been cobbled together because of rust by the previous owner and i just cut out that shoddy work and made it the correct length. Lots of work replacing all those cross members and gussets but very satisfying. I'm ready for another 16 years now. MichaelJT
  3. Thanks for the reply. I figured it would have to be that way. What is it about the straight tube that necessitates the threaded rod and nut? I used threaded rod and a nut to attach tank strap in my former 2000 Silverado but that was just because the spring nut broke and I had to drill it out. I made my own T-nut for the top out of steel bar stock. A matter of using what i had on hand. I have my 1999 apart now and and I am beginning the repairs to the rusted portions of the crossmembers. There is very little detailed documentation on the web for this particular repair and yours is among the best. Please post the picture here as I am sure it would benefit others besides me. Thanks! MichaelJT
  4. I noticed the replacement cross member tube is straight tubing versus the obvious curve in the factory tube. Doesn't the straight tube cause the gas tank to sit down in back at an angle? I am just preparing to do the same repair to my 1999 Silverado and it would sure be a lot simpler to use a straight tube instead of fabricating one with a curve. MichaelJT
  5. I heard someone say that the 4.8 is the same as a bored .090" over 283 (292) and he made big power with one of those drag racing in the late 1950's.... There are so many things wrong with that statement I don't know where to start. Lots of lore and mythology associated with Chevy engines new and old. MJT
  6. x2 on the bad brake hose. Classic symptoms. They swell up inside and won't allow pressure to release. MJT
  7. Today I took all 4 wheels off my 1999 shortbed stepside base Silverado to clean and paint them. These wheels are steel with what looks like a Chrome or Maybe Stainless steel cover on the front face of the wheel. I expected to be removing the cover to get under it to clean and paint. But when I got to that point I wasn't sure I could get that cover off without damaging it. Fortunately the wheels were in decent shape for Northeast Pennsylvania so I ended up just doing the back sides of the wheels. So. Are the covers removable? Is there a trick? MJT
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