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  1. Apparently no one has had the problem of the plug wires coming loose at the coil! A very good reason to change them in my opinion. Look it up, you may surprised. Happened to my 14 silvy twice.
  2. I have a 2014 silvy with the exact set up you mentioned. I can probably count on one hand how many times the tires rubbed and that was in reverse at full lock going over uneven terrain. I say go for it, you'll be glad you did!
  3. Does any one out there know where to find the old rally wheels for early 80's model truck? The ones with the small rectangular holes? The kicker is I'm looking for a 16x8 wheel, 6 lug, 5.5 bolt pattern. A friend of mine is wanting some for an early 90's model silverado. Thanks
  4. You can just sell them to me for a couple hundred! Ha! Ha!
  5. I've read some where that if you already have a leveling kit, not to install the bilsteins. Is there any truth to this? If so, what should one do having a RC 2.5" level?
  6. Anyone have any experience with running a 295/60/20 toyo open country AT2 on a RC 2.5" level? 20x9 wheels with a +18 offset. Factory mud flaps on a 2014 silvy. Rub? Thanks.
  7. Got the 2.5 RC level and the factory molded mud flaps. Was looking at the 295/60/20 toyos on a +18 20x9 wheel. Rubbing on the mud flaps?
  8. Anyone know if the factory molded mud flaps reduce clearance issues? Was thinking the 295/60/20 toyos on a +18 offset wheel
  9. No kidding? That's a bummer! Government what even let you control your own headlights.
  10. Just turn my parking lights on with headlight switch then turn on fog lights. Parking lights on with fog lights, no drl. 2014 silverado
  11. I really like the 14 inch magnaflow on my silvy. Just a muffler swap and clamped the valve behind muffler open. The over discussed helicopter noise in v4 is not bad at all.
  12. I think xm radio may be behind this! If your FM reception is terrible, how many owners will start paying for xm? Just a thought....
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