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  1. You are already on the right track with Laura GMC - I don't think anyone beats their pricing.
  2. So, how did you accomplish this? Is there an Alexa skill ?
  3. I wish they would - that's the truck I WANT - but no one is offering anything like it.. I was really hoping this year would be the year.... guess I'm keeping my '15 6.2L - Don't _love_ the new look and with the same HP rating, there really is no reason to trade up.
  4. Day is already more than half over - whats the deal? I can't find anything about it anywhere....
  5. ^^^This would make me SO happy! I don't understand why the don't offer some form of "sport" truck.. The Raptor is cool and all, but, seriously, who's going to take a $70k truck off-roading and beat the shit out of it? I think there's a huge potential for a "street' truck and I would definitely buy one if they would just offer it.
  6. Yep... I'm a bit disappointed.. I really prefer the layout on my '15 - I was also very disappointed to see a key and not push start. I never really thought it was that big of a deal, but after driving the wife's Highlander a few times, keyless is a very nice option to have... especially considering my trucks MSRP was nearly double her's. I really think they dropped the ball on this one.. hoping this might just be a "mule" and the production trucks will offer it .. but I doubt it.
  7. Aux Switch Mounting

    I did the same thing.. don't have any use for 3 12v ports, so I removed one.. no damage/ modification whatsoever and I can put it right back to factory in about 15 minutes. http://imgur.com/NdeGLBn http://imgur.com/meHj32Q
  8. Jlm02a3094's Sierra

    That's gonna look AMAZING !! I am interested in those headlights, they look really slick.. Were they difficult to install? And do you have a link for them? Thanks
  9. Wow

    I was creating a new thread about my light bar / switch install.. and I don't think it had timed out, I was using the "preview" function to make sure my post was constructed well while using Photobucket links (since the size limit here is small) ..anyway.. I had used it once or twice, and when I went to submit it, I got some Captcha garbage... entered in the words.. and was taken back to the main forum listing.... Since I am not going to re-write the stupid thing.. here's a bunch of pics.. probably in some random order.. Feel free to ask any questions.
  10. Wow

    I LOVE that I just spent 40 minutes writing up a post that gets dropped when I submit it.... awesome.
  11. The straight bars are more like a spot beam.. the curved bars are designed to project light over a broader area.. I went with a 32" curve
  12. I thought it was coming on the 16's (?) I know they already have it in the SUV's (Tahoe, Yukon, Escalade) so.. it's not a technology problem .. Also - We ARE talking about trucks that are mostly north of $50k... When (any) manufacturer can add this into basically any car at HALF the MSRP, your argument doesn't hold much water IMO - I am of the opinion that my $55k truck most definitely SHOULD have come with it.. Hyundai can manage to include it on a $17k Elantra, and I'm supposed to believe GMC can't add it to vehicle with almost a QUADRUPLE MSRP? I don't buy that.
  13. Just curious what you bought to replace it.. I personally haven't had ANY problems from my $100 32" light bar. http://www.amazon.com/MICTUNING-Curved-13000lm-waterproof-Harness/dp/B00MW54EBW/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1451944671&sr=8-8&keywords=rigid+led+bar
  14. I am interested in this conversion myself.. is your truck a 5.3L or 6.2L?
  15. AUX Switch Panel

    Mine has a little pocket above the 4x4 / light dials... Does anyone know if they make a solid panel? I don't have / need a brake controller.. would like to just replace the whole panel so I can install some switches. Thanks

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