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  1. This is the main reason I traded in my '15 - I complained about the transmission every time I took it in for anything, and was basically told that everyone has the same complaint and there was not a fix. They flushed the fluid 2 or 3 times, replaced the TC and it was still a piece of shit. I had the extended warranty, but that had a $250 deductible every time I wanted to use it, so I traded it in on a '18 Denali - so far (3200 miles) the transmission is night and day different... although this one has the same 70mph shake as the '15 did.
  2. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    Thanks TWill - Love the way your truck looks! Looks like I can't buy anything anyway - Nothing for sale on McGaughys site - and no one else seems to have any stock until next month... wonder what's up with that
  3. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    Tons of info in this thread - I've read through most of it, but didn't find the answer, so I thought I'd ask before I pull the trigger. I have an '18 Denali with factory 22's - I'm looking to lower it. Probably going with the MCG kit over the Bell which seems to get mixed reviews. The only kit I see for 4wd is 34310 - Do I need anything extra for the Magna-ride stuff? Anything else I should add while I'm doing it? TIA
  4. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    I had a '15 6.2L and absolutely hated the transmission. When I first got the truck, I had no issues at all.. took it in for an oil change and they had some kind of "service update" - They SAID it was just changing out a harness or something... but from that day on, it was a piece of shit. Had it flushed twice and a new TC installed.. nothing helped. I bitched about it every time I took it in for service, and the Service write was just like "yeah, everyone says the same thing" - It was at that point that I knew it was never going to get any better and it was one of the reasons I traded it in on an '18 Denali - and so far, the transmission has been awesome.. none of the other transmission issues the '15 had.
  5. I ordered it yesterday - Just over $100 bucks shipped! Though there was some conflicting info online about whether or not the cupholder was included - did it come with yours? **EDIT** - Well.. looks like I ordered the wrong part :| I think what I ordered (23147674) was just the front door pieces. I knew that price was too good to be true!
  6. I don't suppose you have any pics of yours? Part numbers for the rest of the trim pieces? TIA!
  7. Thank you both for the replies! Victor - Part Numbers will definitely help me get them ordered - Appreciate it! Phil - What was under the non-removable cupholder? On my '15 - it was another little cubby - is it there and just covered? Or will I need to order that piece as well? Thanks again!
  8. Hey guys, So.. I had a '15 SLT - buckets with the console ... and the cupholder was removable, and also had additional storage below. Traded in the '15 for an '18 Denali - and now the cupholder is NOT removable, and the additional storage is lost... I'm looking to retrofit the parts that were changed from previous version - Anyone else ever done this? Anyone happen to know what all I would need to order? Obviously the cupholder part (23467146) and I assume the outer upper trim ring - Anyone happen to have a parts list? TIA
  9. GMC Tri fold running boards

    Oooohhhh... that's a great idea! I was thinking about spraying some Plasti-dip on mine to get rid of the chrome, but.. I think this would be even better.
  10. I know this is an old thread, but, thought I would leave this in case anyone is looking to add subs w/Bose or disable ANC. https://www.amazon.com/2016-2018-Silverado-Amplifier-ANC-Kit/dp/B07N31K1R9/ref=sr_1_2?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1550781713&sr=8-2&keywords=6g-bzt
  11. 2019 GMC Denali 22" Wheels and Tires

    Not interested in the wheels, but curious what you replaced them with - any pics?
  12. You _could_ buy a Ford for under $40k. http://www.thedrive.com/news/18729/this-dealership-is-selling-725-hp-ford-f-150s-for-38000
  13. You are already on the right track with Laura GMC - I don't think anyone beats their pricing.
  14. So, how did you accomplish this? Is there an Alexa skill ?
  15. I wish they would - that's the truck I WANT - but no one is offering anything like it.. I was really hoping this year would be the year.... guess I'm keeping my '15 6.2L - Don't _love_ the new look and with the same HP rating, there really is no reason to trade up.

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