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  1. Any luck on finding a switched fuse on the passenger side of the 17 Silverado?
  2. This is exactly why I went with EGR's Supergaurd. It wrapped the entire edge of the hood and the version for my '14 screwed in underneath. About the version for my '17; the screws are visible from the front of the truck and now the Supergaurd screws into hood mount clips.
  3. Missing the chrome that I have on my '14 Z71 vs the color match that comes on the '17 LTZ Z71 I'm picking up tonight...anyone want to trade front/rear bumpers w/sensors? Truck is red hot.
  4. I have a 2014 Silverado, new body style. That rubber piece is the rear wheel well liner.
  5. Are you talking about the wheel well liner? Protects your truck from road residue collecting and causing rust down the road. I'm glad my truck has them; used to have a '98 Silverado and so much gunk would collect there until I washed it out. Good stuff!
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