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  1. Hi, I need to know how to fix the rubber seal of the window from outside as shown in the picture. Where to buy a new one ? And what is the formal description and OEM number for it ?
  2. Since I bought my brand new Tahoe 2015 LT and after I drove almost 10,000 Miles, I started to hear a squeak sound that occur only while driving after pressing the pedal to accelerate. The sound goes immediately by keeping the same speed. However, If I remove my feet from the pedal and press again, it comes back !. I ignored this issue at the beginning as I though it might go by itself. Now its becoming annoying specially during driving in the middle of traffic roads where I have to reaccelerate and accelerate frequently. I think the sound is coming from the back but its not easy to locate
  3. I have the same issue with the Tahoe 2015. Just got it a week ago and since the start I experianced a vibration at 66 mph which let me feel I am inside a plane. I went to the agency and they said send it to the workshop and ask them to check the tires !!!!
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