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  1. Maybe try wiggling the exhaust "flapper" valve near the muffler. Sometimes they like to make noise.
  2. I believe the LT Plus package is what got you the sliding rear window, power pedals, and one or two other items.
  3. I've finally discovered the weakness with LED headlights today. Freezing drizzle turning to snow as I speak and it put a nice ice coating on the LED headlight housings of my 2018 LTZ. Obviously, I really don't want to scrape on that plastic. Is there something like Rain-X that could be used on the lenses as well as the parking sensors to eliminate or reduce the buildup?
  4. The 14-15 trucks have the removeable cupholder. From 16 on, they're fixed (don't know about the 19's).
  5. I should specify that I couldn't *order* a blue truck (I ordered in mid March). I tried to pull up the 2018 GM production info at Donlen, but it's only showing 2019 info now.
  6. Last spring when I went to order an 18, I was going to get a blue one myself. According to Donlen, they discontinued the blue in March if I remember correctly.
  7. You can get the removable cupholder if you order the 2014-15 version. I did that to mine when I went from a 2015 to an 18. GM Part number: 23467111. Mine is an LTZ with the Grand Mojimi color. I would imagine your's is the same.
  8. Based on recommendations from the Corvette people out there, I'm looking at getting a GM warranty from Dennis Fichtner from Denny Menholt Chevrolet. He guarantees to match/beat anybody's price. I've got a quote that's pretty decent. One stipulation with this warranty is that you need to have an oil change/filter done prior to buying it, so I've got that set up here in about ten days and will get the warranty after that.
  9. The part I ordered has 4 or 5 different finishes. Mine is an LTZ with the dark woodgrain inserts. If you're looking to match your existing inserts, you can supply your vin number to get a correct match.
  10. When I traded my 15 for an 18, I wanted those removable cupholders. I went to GM parts direct and ordered part number 23467111, which is the top section of the console and includes the cupholders for the 14-15 trucks. The only thing you can't get is the rubber mat that sits in the bottom of the big storage area.
  11. Dennis at Denny Menholt Chevrolet is another popular option.
  12. The easiest way is to email somebody like GM Parts Direct with your vin, so they can match up the correct console and trim colors with your existing interior.
  13. I traded it in a month ago, so the only one I have is from the dealer. Here it is:
  14. Traded in my 15 for this factory ordered LTZ Doublecab 6.2 max tow. Went with the black interior with the heated/cooled buckets and console.
  15. I vote for plastidip on the mesh inserts. I did that on my 15 LTZ and it looked good. I did mine the hard way--removed the grille, then the inserts and shot them with 4-5 coats. 2+ years later and it still looked good.
  16. From what I've seen of others 16+ consoles, the area under the fixed cupholders is the same as the 14-15 version without the rubber mat. Refer to this post to see:
  17. I've got an 18 LTZ on order with the factory console coming, and I want to convert it to the 14-15 removable cup holder style. Before I plunk down the money I want to make sure I'm ordering the right parts. I believe I'm after the "Quilted Maple" color trim (I think) to match the existing trim the standard 1LZ comes with. The part number for that is 22995087 and the rubber mat is 22792225. The mat shows as discontinued. Is there an updated part number for the mat or if not, know where I can get one for non-brain damage money? Thanks.
  18. Here's the deal with the 6.2: the 3.23 gears are for the NON max-tow trucks and 3.42's are only available on the max-tow. I have a 15 max-tow with the 6.2 and 3.42's and they're just fine with me. You also get the added benefit of the tow mirrors and a bigger radiator--well worth it in my opinion.
  19. Quick question for those in the know. I'm thinking of trading up to an 18 with the center console, and was wondering if this is what I need to convert it to the adjustable cupholders/storage like the 14/15's had. I'm likely going with the all black interior if that matters. https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-upper-trim-panel-22995087/?c=Zz1ib2R5JnM9Y2VudGVyLWNvbnNvbGUmaT1HSDE0NTIyNSZyPTEmYT1jaGV2cm9sZXQmbz1zaWx2ZXJhZG8tMTUwMCZ5PTIwMTUmdD1sdHomZT02LTJsLXY4LWdhcw%3D%3D Thanks. Edit: I had the wrong part # originally. This shows the one for quilted maple? Isn't that what the standard LTZ comes with?
  20. I don't know if it's still the case, but some years back the ceramic coated Hooker Headers were done by Jet-Hot. I have a set on my 79 K10 and they're holding up pretty well.
  21. The general consensus is that the Husky's fit better than the Weathertech's in these trucks. I went with Husky and I'm pleased with my choice.
  22. The Z71 package is not available with max tow. The easiest indicator is the large tow mirrors.
  23. Is yours for a 5.3? I have a 6.2 and I got mine (love it by the way) last Saturday and mine has the small "bypass" tube.
  24. Too bad you're not in Colorado. I'd trade you straight across. I have the gray, but wanted the black.
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