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  1. are there any risks or possible damages that could result from tuning or using a bullydog or hypertech?
  2. I take it your describing this product: http://www.hypertech-inc.com/products-speedometer-calibrator.aspx Will this also change shift point, ABS, etc. for a 8 speed transmission? thanks,
  3. Thanks for the insight, it sounds like a CAI full system (AIRAID, K&N, or other reputable and proven brand) is a good "stage one upgrade", to at-least increase air flow and get a little more rumble under the hood. I say "Stage one" meaning that this would make for a good first addition to the truck to build upon later with headers, exhaust, etc down the road. Have you noticed any change in MPG?
  4. stontr01, on 29 Sept 2015 - 10:07 AM, said: Anybody know what other impacts there may be on with the truck with NOT adjusting software to acknowledge bigger tire and wheel size? thanks,
  5. Have you installed these? What differences have you experienced with adding headers? I'm definitely no engine or truck expert, most comments on this forum and threads seem to be knowledgeable and detailed so i thought i would throw this thread out there and get some advice / feedback.Thanks
  6. Ok perfect, What kind of gians in HP/MPG have you seen? Does just the MIT make a big difference in engine noise?
  7. Are you talking about this part or just the new filter? http://www.airaid.com/search/product.aspx?prod=201-111 KIT number 201-111? thanks,
  8. Hey thanks, Did you go with the K&N 63 series, any other brands or models that compete with K&N? I've used K&N on past vehicles and I know there's many brands out there curious why you went with K&N?
  9. New to forum so sorry if this topic has been discussed in detail already. Just bought a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 with the 6.2L. I wanted to get your advice and feedback around if a cold air intake is helpful to the engine for HP / TQ./ MPG and just better engine longevity? Any one add a CAI to a 2014-15 1500 with 6.2 if so what kind of gains / losses did you find? Pictures? Recommendations for which brand / model to go with for the Gm 6.2? Thank you,
  10. Ok gotcha, i just went to Diablo's website and saw that too, did/ do you use a tuner? Thanks,
  11. Thank you, that makes sense, It seems Bullydog and Diablo are common reputable names, but im pretty new to the tuning discussions, any tuner you recommend?
  12. Thanks for the response, Im a bit of a rookie with tuning, changing tire settings with the programmer seems straight forward, I'm assuming custom tuning allows more configuration options for shift points, performance, etc? How did the Blackbear tune impact your truck?
  13. Any one have experience tuning/reprogramming 2015 1500 with the 6.2L? Looking to see if programming helped and what its effects were? Any advice on the topic would help, thank you.
  14. stontr01

    2015 Sierra

    Pictures of my truck and all projects associated with it.
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