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  1. Just a quick update... My truck has been with the dealer for approximately two weeks at this point. To date, no conclusive results have been discovered, however the service advisor has indicated they are examining and testing the wiring harness front to back. I have been reluctant to call the dealer for updates, as this is the first dealer that is taking their time with it. My prior encounters with other dealers have resulted in control modules not properly grounded, however I am not sure if that was an accurate diagnosis due to the issue reappearing. I will provide additional updates as available. Thank you to those that have provided VIN's. I will pass that along to the engineers working towards a solution.
  2. Good morning all. I have recently registered on this site due to researching the issues describe here. I have a 2014 Silverado that has been doing the exact same thing. I am fortunate to be working towards a solution with General Motors directly, however I am attempting to create a series of records detailing the specifics. The easiest way to assemble a list of trucks experiencing the issue would be to request the VIN. I am not sure how comfortable you may be with providing that to me, however I believe the engineers will be able to quickly narrow down common denominator as to how each truck was optioned. Please feel free to PM me for more information, and thank you for your assistance.
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