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  1. I can see this thread has been rolling for a while... I purchased a 2015 1500 Crew Cab 5 months ago and couldn't wait to put some exhaust on it, but wasn't sure what to get. I read posts here about concerns when eliminating the resonator and drone when going aftermarket. I love FlowMasters on a muscle car but didn't want the drone in the truck. I researched by watching countless youtube videos by truck owners, Borla and FM marketing Kinney's Mufflers in Texas, and others. I have a great local muffler shop at the traffic circle in downtown Orange, CA - Plaza Mufflers that I knew I was going to, as they could handle custom work well if I didn't go with a catback system. The guy there, Carl, who is a perfectionist, allowed me to try 3 different (single in dual out) mufflers to here them for myself. A nice offer. I tried a 40 series FM, too loud but sounded pretty good. I tried an 18" no name turbo muffler, too quiet. I tried an 18" MagnaFlow, just right for my daily driver. Mellow when cruising but becomes a fairly angry small block when stood on. I had the MF put on the one week old truck with no regrets. Yes, the truck goes into "helicopter mode" when it drops to V4, and I'll be honest, it took a little getting used to, but totally fine. I am used to i and don't plan to tune it out. It also seems to have changed the way the tranny downshifts, especially in trailer mode; because it is breathing so much better, the downshifts are very fluid and pronounced. After 11,000 miles it has broken in for sure, and I wouldn't change a thing. I'm not sure how it affected mileage as the motor wasn't even broken in when installed, but it certainly didn't get any worse. I average 18-19 MPG on my commute which is half stop-and go, not bad. I wanted the tips to barely show, to be subtle.
  2. Thanks! It's a bone stock no frills truck that will slowly evolve into something a bit nicer... The guy who runs the shop I go to (Plaza Muffler in Orange, CA) allows the customer to try out different mufflers in order to get the sound they are looking for – so I will try at least two. I myself have always been a FlowMaster guy but those are more suited for muscle cars IMO. After watching YouTube videos on the systems put out by Borla, FM, Gibson (There are some good vids by Kinney’s Mufflers in Texas for Silverados), I’ll probably go with a Magnaflow single in, dual out as I really don’t want drone or have it be too loud. I will post pics when I’m done. That opens up a whole new discussion – cold air intakes.
  3. It's truck month. I am new here but not to trucks... I sure love this one, it's just an LS but still pretty nice. The 5.3L will be breathing better by Saturday morning - new exhaust. Photo taken in Twentynine Palms.
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