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  1. Interested to know what tire you all think is appropriate for a 2wd truck. Raised the front end 2" with a leveling kit. I like the look of a more "off-road" tire vs street tires. Not saying I want to throw monster tires in it... Thanks guys! Happy Friday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I'm wondering if it would look good with handle only for the console... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Here's my '15 LT with my recently color matched grille! Loving it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Grille and headlights are IN and look badass!

  5. I finally got my grille and headlights. I installed this past Sunday, and I am loving the look!!! I thought I wanted to do the bumpers also one day, but I think I like this amount of chrome... The grille was just too much for me. I'm wanting to lift level the front and throw in a new intake and muffler next.
  6. Darkfox89

    Darkfox '15 SIlverado

    My rainforest green 2015 Silverado LT
  7. Grille just got here! It'll be color matched soon!!! So excited to make some changes.

  8. Question for those who have color matched. Who had the chrome headlight trim PAINTED, and who bought those plastic paintable covers that adhere over the existing chromed plastic? Got my black grille in today! (Ebay'd a WT grille for a super price. Going to make a few bucks selling my chrome one!) Just need to decide on how I should go about the headlight trim... Thanks guys!!!
  9. Ready for some sunshine. Hasn't stopped raining since I got my truck.....

  10. Hey guys, my name's Bradley and I'm glad to say I'm officially back in a Chevy. I grew up in a chevy family. They've always just felt right to me. My dad had one, my grandad had a GMC, and my first truck was a green hand me down '94 Silverado when I was 15. My mom sold it when it started having expensive issues, and I ended up driving a Nissan Sentra Se-R Spec V for a while when I got out of high school. (It was actually a pretty sweet little car.) Then, I ended up in a hand me down '03 F150 for a while for work reasons. Great truck, but it just didn't feel like MINE. I don't hate ford or anything, I just lean more towards the GM world. Once i went full-time at work and settled into my new income for a while, I recently decided it was time to come back. I purchased a 2015 Silverado LT Texas edition earlier this week and I am truly loving it. I went with the rainforest green paint and it's such an awesome color to me. It's dark and classy at night, but it really pops with a metallic shine at the right angle in direct sun. It's been cloudy and rainy here in Burleson (south of Fort Worth, Texas) so I haven't had a chance to take many pictures. The best I've got thus far was one the fiance took on Thanksgiving at my moms. I do intend on making a few changes to it. The basic lift or level, wheels/tires, muffler kind of stuff. I'll probably make a modification thread to have a place to document it as I go. Glad to be here. See you around! -Bradley
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