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  1. Does anyone know if this conversion would work on 14-15 Silverado 1500?
  2. Got it installed. Everything works like factory. Phil thanks for the harness! It made the install very easy and straight forward.
  3. Sorry man, there was a misunderstanding I thought you where trying to show me led bulbs. I typed in what you sent and it gave me bulbs.
  4. Hey Phil, are those resistors still working out for you. I have one 3 ohm 50 watt resistor on each taillight and keep switching them out every few months because they overheat and burn out. Is there a higher quality resistor I should use or should I just put on the 3ohm 100 watt resistors?
  5. I didn’t change the bulbs I installed the 2016 oem led taillights that usually come on the Ltz and high country trim levels.
  6. Hello everyone, I’ve installed new led taillights on my 2014 silverado. I’m using 50w 3ohm resistors; one for each taillight. However, every few months I end up needing to replace them because they overheat and burn out. Just wondering if anyone would know of a higher quality resistor that I could use.
  7. I got mine from a private seller on eBay. They are oem taillights and I personally think they look better than the aftermarket taillights. If you want to install them on your 2014 Silverado you need to buy an adapting harness from Gen5diy. With their adapter the taillights will be plug-n-play.
  8. Thanks! The rally stripes are black carbon fiber and I got the side decal from supdec.info They are always updating their site with new decals.
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