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  1. Another tire fitment question

    I run 305/45r22s on my 2015 silverado. I have ck160 replicas. Only difference, I think, is that you might have +31mm offset vs +27mm. I have a 1.5" motofab level kit on mine up front and I have zero rubbing any which way. I have pictures you can see from my profile if you want to see the setup.
  2. I have a 1.5" leveling kit on my 2015 Silverado, 22" ck160 replicas with +24mm offset and 305/45r22 Dynapro ATm's. No rubbing of any kind anywhere. You should be good. I have images in my profile. Hope this helps.
  3. I have a motofab 1.5" level. I'm currently running 305/45r22's on ck160 replicas (22x9) with +24mm offset. As the other posted said... not sure what you're looking for, but I don't have any rubbing with my setup. Essentially, a 32.8x12 tire. Your desired size are 33x10.8 and 34.1x10.8 respectively. I'm pretty sure you would have no problem with the 275/60R20 and you'd probably have a lot of options on offset as well. Once you get up to the larger 275/65R20, you "may" run into problems. Unfortunately, unless you can find someone else who has the exact setup you're looking for, it's always going to be apples and oranges. Good Luck.
  4. New Wheels and Tires. I think it makes a huge difference over the factory 18's and anemic 265/65r18s. 2015 4x4 with 1.5" Moto Fab level 305/45r22 Hankook Dynapro AT-m CK160 replicas with +24 offset No rubbing. No trimming.
  5. 2015 4x4 with 1.5" Moto Fab level 305/45r22 Hankook Dynapro AT-m CK160 replicas with +24 offset No rubbing. No trimming.
  6. If you don't mind me asking, what size tires are those? 305/45?
  7. I have a 2015 silverado 5.3 6-speed 4x4 and 3.42 rear. So far, I'm not all that impressed with my diablo tuner. It IS better than stock, but I just had higher expectations. Here are my current settings 87 octane tune Hard Shift TCM tune +5 part throttle shift pressure on all gears +8 full throttle shift pressure on all gears AFM ON Torque Management OFF Throttle boost - 0 Some things I've discovered through posting on the diable forums is that the TCM tunes are all essentially the same aside from the shift pressure. So, in theory, raising the "Firm Shift" program shift pressure high enough will be equivalent to the "Hard Shift" program. The 87 octane ECM tune does not change the spark advance tables from stock. Both the 87 and 91 ECM tunes already have throttle boost built in. So, any value above zero is in addition to that. The tuner is setup to allow you to have different settings for the TCM when in "Sport" or "Tow/Haul". This feature did not seem to work for me. I tried to set mine up to have higher WOT shift points in tow/haul... didn't work. Additionally, I first started with a little throttle boost and it seemed to adversely affect the shift pattern. I might try it again to see if I can get to the "sweet spot". I noticed that the 1-2 shift is mushy and not firm, hard, or otherwise anywhere near what I expected. It's slow and not any different than stock in my opinion. The 2-3 shift is way to hard no matter the program. It's kind of ridiculous. Shifts are still really slow between all gears and, no matter the setting, it still pulls a bunch of timing out when shifting so it feels like you let off the gas and then are back on it. Final verdict? It's definately better than stock and having the ability to customize is nice. My last truck was a 2005 Dodge Ram 5.7 4x4 with the 3.92 rear and I had it programmed with a superchips programmer. That thing would rip through the gears and set you back in your seat. Huge, and I mean, really huge improvement over stock. With my silverado and diablo, it's pretty subtle compared to that. I think Diablo kind of phoned it in. I'm told that most people with the Diablew custom tunes are happy, but that's an additional 150 dollars on top of the investment for the i2030. I'm probably going to try the following this weekend or soon and see if it's any better. My hope is to smooth out that 2-3 shift and make it match the others while making the others more firm. Additionally, play with the throttle boost to see if I can make it feel like I don't have to put it to the floor to go anywhere. 87 octane tune Firm Shift TCM tune 2-3 shift +0 part throttle shift pressure on all gears +0 full throttle shift pressure on all gears All other gears +10 part throttle shift pressure on all gears +12 full throttle shift pressure on all gears AFM ON Torque Management OFF Throttle boost +12
  8. I've been looking around the forum and youtube to try and get what I'm looking for, but haven't had the success I was hoping for. Does anyone have a before and after of just cutting off the resonator and dumping the exhaust just after the rear axle? Alternatively, has anyone considered removing the stock muffler and putting the stock resonator in its place? Obviously, custom work would be involved...
  9. I believe Dynomax sells one. They also sell a tail pipe as well. I am not a huge fan of Dynomax, but they seem to be about the only company that will part out their kits and they are pretty inexpensive.
  10. TxTruckMan makes some good points. Obviously the 285/45 fits because its the stock size. 275/50 is not a big difference and, while his math is correct, different tire brands will have different overall heights even for the "same size" tire. You're talking about like, 3/8 of an inch difference in sidewall and the trade off is a skinnier tire which, in my opinion, looks worse. 285/50r22 tires don't seem to exist... so, kind of a moot point. The next size up is 305/45r22 and many folks run those. If you have a +31 offset, you do run the risk of rubbing the control arm at full lock. I'd almost take that over going with a skinnier or smaller tire or consider running a 1/4 wheel spacer to eliminate the issue.
  11. I believe it was already suggested here. 305/45r22. Taller and wider.
  12. No one? I was really hoping at least one person had this setup or something similar.
  13. I'm looking to get replicas of the SEW 22" wheels (Option code CK160). Unlike most of the OEM 22s that have a +31mm offset, these have a +24mm offset. Is anyone running 305/45r22's with these wheels? I've searched around and haven't found a definitive answer. It seems the consenses is running 305/45's on stock 22's with a 31mm offset causes a rub on the control arms and sway bar. Since the SEW wheels have a 24mm offset, can I run the 305's? Or, will I still be relegated to the 285/45 "stock" size? If it matters, I'm running a motofab 1.5" level already and currently have the 18x8.5 wheels that come on the all star edition. I'm specifically looking to get these wheels: http://www.oewheelsllc.com/Wheels_3/Wheels-for-Chevy-Trucks/22-Fits-Chevrolet-Silverado-Wheels-Black-Machined-Face-22x9-SET
  14. Looking for an modular intake tube for my truck. If you have one for sale, let me know. Thanks

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