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  1. Have a 2014, 1500. It tows a ton of pellets with no issue!
  2. Ceramic coating?

    I had it done by a local guy here outside of Philadelphia. Charged me 700.00 and guaranteed the product for LIFE! The truck is silver and it ALWAYS looks washed. It gets dusty in the refinery where I work, a quick hose off and it's clean! I drive it around the block after hosing it off to let the water beads run off, hell..... I barely have to dry it! I love it!
  3. It will and should work any time the brake pedal is pushed. Sounds like a bulb out. I believe it's a 906 bulb, but check with your local parts store for the correct lamp size. Should be an easy fix while standing in the bed!
  4. Did the rear shocks help with the rear end hiop? I went from the standard 18" wheel to 20", noting fancy, just some nice rims and upgraded. Whe I hit bumps, the back end seems to bunny hop sideways..... Did the upgrade on shocks help?? G
  5. 6" lift with 33" tires

    Someone needs to tell me how to post a pic from my iPhone.
  6. Class action lawsuit against GMC for those crappy lights. I've just filled out the paperwork. I'll let ya know how I make out (could be years I'm sure)....
  7. Can you post a link to those storage box??
  8. Never run a power wire thru. Wire up a solenoid and run the ground wire thru. Much safer! G
  9. In comparison, I have a 2014 Sierra with the 5.3L, 3.43 rear and tow a 33' travel trailer. The dry weight is 7,580lbs. Now add water, food, supplies and of course BEER and I'm sure I'm up around 8K. Truck does very well. The brake controller is a big help and A PROPERLY SET UP brake system on the trailer will be a consideration as well. Don't know how many times I've seen people burn up brakes due the trailer brakes not adjusted correctly or not working at all! I towed this thing to Lancaster this weekend and I watched the trans temp while pulling hills. The "normal" trans temp is about 190-198 degree range. On a hot day, AC on and pulling hills..... The hottest I saw it was 210. The 5.3 has the power..... Thing I would worry about would be the gear ratio.
  10. New Truck Owner

    I agree with Ted, if there's an issue with your truck.... You'll find it here! Consider THIS site your Bible! Congrats on the new truck!
  11. trailer weight

    I use the "tow haul" mode when towing, yes. Most of my towing is around Pa, Del, NC, Va, etc. too many hills for it to trying to switch in and out of OD or hold short shifts. When on the open road, with no hills, I'll take off the "tow/haul" mode. I'm not really sure about the fuel mileage, to be honest, never really checked. What I do like is the fact that on the info center I can select "Trans Temp" and monitor the temp of trans fluids. When she's really pulling, it's just over 200 degrees. As far as any modifications, none. I have just went from 18" wheels to 20's but haven't towed with it like that yet. I'm thinking cold air intake and a programmer next. Hope that helped.....
  12. trailer weight

    Wait..... Passenger weight? You're allowed to tow the trailer with people in it?
  13. trailer weight

    I have your same set up, (engine, gear ratio, etc) and tow a 33' travel trailer with no problem. Dry weight is 7300lbs so with water and beer, I'm thinking it's close to 8000. Truck does well and I'm impress with the results.
  14. Start with a battery check / replacement it needed. From what you're saying its a power issue. Remember, the ECM and TCM need a minimum of 14 volts to properly operate. Start there, then check the alternator output.
  15. Better late than never.

    How do you like the LED fog lights? Send me a link where you got them, I'd like to do that next. Thank you!

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