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  1. I've driven the Crew Cab and they are nice trucks but they just aren't for me. I like the Double Cabs only. I'm gonna look a little more on the inventory finder on Chevy's website.
  2. Wouldn't go under $33,500 on either. Called another dealer same configuration $34,700 was the lowest they would go.
  3. Locally everyone will sell AT Supplier or if you haggle and don't tell them it ends up within dollars of Supplier. I'm looking about an hour and a half away and they are actually doing some movement on prices.. I got the Red Rock with the Navigation and Bose down $200 more today so it would be $33,131 +$200 for a bedliner and that was there bottom line + tax and dealer fees. === The second truck I talked about in the original post I never got a call back... I called the dealer three times, left a voicemail, and talked to the receptionist. She said that the salesman was out with the rest of the salesman working out on the lot due to the snow. Thats understandable but I NEVER got a call back and kept asking and they wouldn't even page him. Thought that was kind of odd. == Found another truck same as the second one (above) but it also has a Spray In Bed liner.. I got that down from $35,170 to $33,000 even + tax and dealer fee. So as of now #1 and #3 are within $131 of one another for Bose and Navigation on the red vs. $131 less for the Brownstone.
  4. I think I'm gonna call and ask what there price would be.
  5. I guess everyones gotta wait till they hit fleet auctions like the Captivas and Caprices. I'm surprised thought that they aren't selling them to the public because I know a lot of people who want one and WILL pay whatever price to get one.
  6. ParkIng

    GM Card

    Talked to the GM Card Hotline after being referred by the online Chevy Chat. Certain dealers have signed up for this deal until the end of the month. If you sign up for the Buy Power Card in a participating dealer you get an additional $500 off any vehicle. They didn't tell me about any exclusions of vehicle. Not sure if GMC, Buick, and Cadillac are doing this too but food for thought everyone in the market should ask!
  7. ParkIng

    GM Card

    Are most manufacturers set up like GM with the holdback and all or is this a unique thing to there dealer structure? I come from a Toyota Family and I'm the Black Sheep who dares to venture into the world of General Motors (though my mom has a Pontiac Solstice and bounces around and had a few Fords but they were all bought from family members) and I never even heard of Holdback till I started looking into this upcoming purchase last month.
  8. Tomorrow is going to help me think as I can call the dealers and talk some more. As I mentioned earlier the dealer that I test drove the Ruby Silverado at also has the exact same truck in Black with the All Star Package after rebates which is $670 more.. One thing that makes me tempted with that besides some of the goodies of that package is that it includes the Towing Package.
  9. LT Crew Cabs what I'm looking at with the tow package and 3.6 as well. I'm definitely considering it. Hoping the one dealer I'm talking with will give me some more off it then I'll be on here posting pictures of it. That is unless I go the Silverado route which is a possibility but the Colorado is still winning
  10. Hmmm... I'm not financing and don't have a GM Card. I qualify for Supplier Pricing which when I built the truck on that it came up with two rebates and the S.P down to $34,500. But that or the $34,000 that the dealer told me is way to high.
  11. No its definitely a double cab for me. I like the Crew Cabs but they just don't do it for me. The double makes me happy on the full size. I was just talking to my Dad he said to talk them down cause its a tempting offer if they'd go much less. I'm trying to figure out what would be a fair price on it. http://www.perryegan.com/VehicleDetails/new-2015-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-Double_Cab_Standard_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_LT_w%2F1LT-Ocean_City-NJ/2441882483 Then they have a black one with the All Star Package everything else is the same but it gets an extra $1000 rebate due to the All Star Package.
  12. Thats the one thing I love is the bench seat. I thought it was awesome that the 1st Generation Colorado had it and was hoping it would be an option but of course they went the Toyota route and made it bucket seats only. I definitely don't want a Crew Cab Silverado. They are beautiful trucks but I want the Double if I go the Full Size route.
  13. Everyone is definitely making thought provoking posts. I have thought about this too. I currently am engaged and will be getting married within the next year or so and being I am on my first car (the S10) right now I know I'm keeping the next one till it dies. Being more than likely I will have my first child in the next five years this brings up a good point. I had a friend who had a 2006 Colorado Crew Cab and traded it in on a '13 Silverado Crew Cab due to the car seat problem but I kind of figured with the Colorado getting heftier this generation that may be ok now I never really thought about it. But then at the same point would an extended cab silverado vs. the crew cab Colorado make much of a difference in size?
  14. I definitely wanna get it much lower if I go that route. It is 4WD. Regardless of whatever truck I buy it will be 4WD. The snow we got yesterday has my S-10 stuck in the driveway. My parents both have 4WD Tacomas which they were snickering when I talked to them. I love my S10 but this is the first and last 2WD truck for me. I'm definitely going to think about this truck. I mean if they sold it in the high 20's it'd be very tempting!
  15. My Dad had the Toyota Truck. It was an '88, his favorite vehicle ever. Was an auto but V6 4x4. I remember how depressed he was when he sold it after he bought his '03 but the rust was the problem there. He swears up and down he wont sell the '03 ever now. I only tow a small landscape trailer so tow rating isn't needed for me. You guys are definitely starting to get my mind to churn!!
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