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  1. Thanks to all you guys for your suggestions. I'm going to think about this some more and I will try to follow up with what happens. Either way, ironically in a way this makes the decision easier for me, because I really wasn't sure whether it was worth the time and money to fix it. I was planning on doing it but it wasn't an easy decision. By these guys making the job harder, it's more clarity not to go forward with the repair. I do realize that's kind of a backwards way of thinking but hey. And don't get me wrong, I'm still going to go after them. But I'm feeling ok with my current situation is all. Thanks again
  2. I'm definitely going to follow up with a lawyer friend of mine. And honestly at this point it may not be worth fixing the truck regardless. Really frustrating that people would do that. I realize that they thought I was never coming back and that the truck was junk. But still it's so insensitive. And then to charge me storage fees and ship it back in that condition? Terrible. It was in Virginia. I'm in NY.
  3. Actually now I'm starting to wonder if maybe they did swap in a bad tranny. They obviously wouldn't have planned on doing that initially, but perhaps they pulled the tranny because they needed it, and then when they heard I planned on taking the truck back they put the busted tranny back in? I can't think of any other explanation. I know this whole story sounds crazy, but trust me it's real. They had to do some kind of a chop job to put things back together clearly. I can't think of any other explanation. This truck is low mileage and was very well maintained. The whole thing is insanely frustrating. Is there any way of verifying whether the tranny on the truck is the original one?
  4. I guess there's no way for me to know for sure. But it didn't look out of the ordinary near the transmission, no fluid or anything. Also, I'm pretty sure they were planning on taking parts off my truck for another truck, not the opposite. So no reason they would have done that. I just thought maybe they wanted the running boards.
  5. The title of this thread is no joke. I'll make a very long story as short as possible. My 2004 Suburban got rear ended badly, and I was out of state, and so I had to leave it at a local body shop over there. The damage was basically just rear end body work, with some minor suspension repairs. Insurance was totalling it, but I was trying to decided if and how to repair it. The shop that it was at was not very helpful, and after it sat there for a few weeks eventually I had it transported back to near where I live. First thing I noticed was that the running boards were missing from the truck, but they were inside. That was very odd. The guy who towed it told me some strange explanation the shop told him for that. Very weird, but ok. It was a couple weeks more after that before I actually got it back to my house to work on. Well, guess what. First we discovered, oddly, that the truck would not go in reverse. Which was not the case when I had left it at the shop. Also, it was telling me Service 4WD. Well, anyway, when I went underneath I discovered that they had begun harvesting parts from my truck!! Apparently that shop assumed I was never coming back and that the truck would be junked, so they thought they could just take some stuff they needed!! So, the front drive shaft that runs from the front axle to the transfer case is missing entirely. And a whole bunch of connectors are unplugged from near the transfer case, and I can't figure out where they go, so there's probably a control module or something that they took. There's a ton of codes in the TCC module. They also damaged the exhaust in the process, and other stuff but that's for another conversation. They cut the nuts on one of the exhaust pipes to lower it, and I'm not exaggerating, they literally put a c-clamp on the pipe to sort of hold it together for the tow back up to me. I doubt they were interested in the drive shaft; I'm guessing they probably planned on taking the transfer case, or tranny, whatever, but probably they heard that I was taking back the truck before they got to that point. I do intend to try and take legal action, but in meanwhile I need to figure out what to do. I'm not worried about the 4WD issue right now, even though I may want to repair it at some point, but bottom line right now I want to figure out why it won't go in reverse. And to see if the vehicle can drive normally at this point. The transmission fluid condition and level seem fine. There's no indication that the transmission was damaged, and no reason to assume that it suddenly went bad. I'm sure it has something to do with what they did. Perhaps with something they disconnected or removed. The shift cable looks ok I think, but I'm not really sure how to diagnose that for sure. My scan tool did confirm that the transmssion range sensor indicated Reverse when I put it in reverse. I'm at a loss where to take it from here. So frustrating. Would really appreciate any help, thanks!!
  6. Yes true, I don't mind doing that, but if it is almost certainly the radiator I would order a radiator also in advance to save time.
  7. I'm pretty sure this is a bad radiator, but want to confirm with you guys 100%. I could get a pressure tester and maybe should, but want to see if it's really obvious. I've just never diagnosed a radiator before. 99 Suburban, overheating pretty quickly. No big puddle of coolant on the floor, but strong smell. Then I noticed that at the base of the radiator, I think it's called radiator support, it's like a plastic "tray" that the radiator sits on/in, and it is full of coolant. Also the fan has coolant sitting in it. None of the hoses or fittings coming from the radiator seem to have leaks, so is this open and shut case of needing a new radiator? Thanks!
  8. Anyway, so my friend got the cat replaced, and it drives MUCH better. No misfires either. In case anyones curious whether a bad cat can cause misfires, the answer is yes...hopefully the screw piece will be fine, no issues so far
  9. It was a rebuild. Yes I guess cam timing could be. Who knows. If these guys won't deal with it, I don't know what he should do.
  10. You're 100% right, but they refuse and my friend isn't the confrontational type of personality. Very sad and pathetic business model. What do you think about the cam thing and misfire?
  11. Thanks Stan! Even a positive or encouraging word helps of course. I know a bit about engines, but don't have such a clear internal picture. Are you saying that if it fell into that hole near the camshaft it's more likely to end up falling into the oil pan, as opposed to if it fell into the intake would end up getting stuck in cylinders? Also, any thoughts on the cam code and misfire code? My friend literally just paid like 4k to get his engine rebuilt and it came back with like three codes! It's disgraceful that the shop refuses to address it and says it's not their issue!! But having replaced the cam sensor, what would be the likely culprit for these codes?
  12. At least I think so. We were working on my buddy's 2010 Suburban that had a bunch of codes, including P0011. We were trying to remove the camshaft sensor that is under the water pump on the front of the block. Well, we had a hard time with it and weren't too smart about it (don't ask) and most of the sensor housing ending up cracking off leaving us with nothing to pull it out by, so we did our best to very carefully drill it out/pull out pieces while praying nothing would fall inside the engine! We had screwed a wood screw into the middle of the piece of the sensor that was stuck inside, and were trying to pull on the screw head to get the broken sensor out. It worked pretty well, but when almost all of it was out, the head of the screw broke off inside the rest of the sensor. At this point we just continued to carefully work and pull out what was left and to drill it out. When we were almost done, the last small pieces of plastic fell down inside!! I'm not so worried about the plastic itself because I imagine it could easily shred and disintegrate. But it is pretty likely that there was still a piece of the screw in there, up to possibly an inch long. We did drill some of it out, so who knows maybe most or all of the screw was already drilled out, but I think it's pretty likely that some of it fell in. I'm really nervous about this obviously. We started up the car, wincing and preparing for the worst. At first it seemed to run ok, or at least not any worse than before. The car still has the P0011 code (new sensor didn't fix it), it also has a P0420 for low catalyst efficiency which it had before, and it has P0300 for general misfire, which I'm not sure if it had before. So even before all this drama we know there's an issue from before with the catalytic converter, seemingly, and my buddy has had very difficult acceleration to the point that he had to pull on to the shoulder of the highway because he couldn't drive anymore. So the car was definitely not driving well previously either. But although when we first turned it on after this incident it seemed to still drive "normal" meaning same as before, a few hours later he told me it seems worse, the engine is making noise even when the car is idling, and the acceleration issue is even worse. I'm not sure if he had a misfire code (P0300) or not before all this drama, so I'm wondering if that could be a symptom of something falling into the engine or not? Would that cause a misfire? On the other hand, it seems like it's pretty common to have misfires come along with the P0011 code so it's probably not too crazy to assume he may have had it before also. And the "new symptoms" that are worse may just be the worsening of his existing issues, or it may be from our "accident." Hope some of you guys have some thoughts about this. Obviously if a piece of metal really did "fall in" and is "floating around" in there, his engine is in big trouble. But if it was true, would the engine have "self-destructed" immediately? Is the fact that that didn't happen proof that we're okay in terms of that? It's hard to know if we should move on with repairs to the catalytic s and the cam issues if we're not sure about this new engine disaster. Thanks everyone!!!!
  13. Ok it seems like the consent is I should replace the rears. Truth is with only 70k on my truck I wasn't assuming they were so bad. I did not get an alignment, but the consensus online seems that an alignment isn't necessary for shocks I believe? (as opposed to struts)
  14. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking about that as a possibility, and I googled around, but I didn't really find any mention of people saying that when they got two new shocks (instead of four) that the damping was WORSE than before......I really hope you're right...but will cost me another $300 to find out (because if I want to get rear Bilsteins I have to also replace the springs as this is the ZW7 setup)

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