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  1. Does anyone know if the 2019 8 speed is fixed considering buying a new one but not sure
  2. hello all i'm very disappointed with the lack of a repair for the 8 speed transmission clunk and hard shifts, they are random it is almost like there is electronic control issue causing the improper shift pressure in the transmission I would hope GM. Comes up with a fix for this issue restoring faith in them
  3. I just wanted to weight in on this yes the highway mileage is good and sometimes I have even got better numbers then that. But I still do not understand why it would have to shift hard and clunk which jolts the truck randomly to get good fuel economy first of all this is low speed when it shifts hard which has nothing to do with getting good highway mileage at highway speeds my truck never has a problem then.If they were to get this truck not to do this I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS TRUCK and would easily recommend this truck hands down. A good company would address this issue and fix the problem my truck was very expensive and should not shift like this its A Denali
  4. I own a 2017 denali which does the same thing, I have had it to the dealer for repair of the hard shifting at low speeds and when down shifting they did a relearn and two updates and it still clunks and does the same thing I guess thier is no fix, I'm very disappointed as ever thing else with this truck is good I just don't understand why gm . Would not fix this issue as this hurts this brand in a very competitive market for trucks it's like they hope that looks and features are enough and it's not true drive ability is even more important I would be afraid to buy the new ten speed 2019 model if they can't get this one right
  5. I don't understand why GM. won't fix the transmission / drive line issue's this could put them over the top in truck sales they just need to make it happen which is what people want a solid truck

  6. hello I have a 2014 ltz z71 with 3.42 rear the transmission for the most part shift OK but some times if I take my foot off the gas and go to accelerate again it clunks loud and jolts also some times when going slow around parking lot the transmission seems to get lost and shifts poorly I have had a 1999 sierra a 2003 silverado and a 2008 silverado they all seem to have the same type of problems this very disappointing I would think by 2014 they would have got it right I really like the features on the truck but cant believe that they cant get the transmission to shift right I'm not sure I would buy another gm truck I have had it to the dealer multiple times and always told their is no fix with every truck losing faith GM please help
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