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  1. Well, I’ve always been kind of a loyal person at heart. And most of my family have been GM folks, so it made it a little hard to just give up on GM. But you’re correct and I test drove several 2019 GMC Sierra Denalis and a couple GMC Sierra AT4s last month. Both were severe letdowns on quality, comfort and performance. The interiors were cheap, plasticky and blah and the ride comfort was very disappointing. Walked away from both as I realized GM’s focus for the new 2019 truck designs was “do as little as possible”. Based on GM’s latest announcement to redo their brand new interior tells me that they are only reacting to Ram’s innovative 2019 interior styling and comfort. Even though Ford, Ram and GM all have to deal with issues, especially in a new model year, over the last decade it appears that Ram has made the best effort at interior comfort and styling...which is important to most SUV and Truck buyers. Especially since most consumers don’t really use their SUVs and Trucks as the rugged off road vehicles they are capable of. But Brakes?!?! With the recent GM recall of over 3 million SUV and Trucks for diminishing brake performance from 2015-2018 and now reports of brake failures on the 2019’s.... GM’s focus in the last decade has taken a bad road.
  2. Brakes?!?! This is not even funny. GM's quality has been dropping slowly over the last decade and is now at a point where I believe they are completely disconnected from the consumer's satisfaction in value and safety. They continue to go the cheapest route on build and material quality, and only step up when they see Ford and Ram surpass them. My last three Sierras (two 2014 Sierra SLTs and a 2016 Sierra Denali) were all plagued with major vibration and transmission issues that could not be resolved by GM. I took big losses on all three of those vehicles when I got out of them. Resale stunk worse than any other vehicle I've owned. This is very disheartening to see braking issues in this day and age and also sad to see GM's declining focus on quality and safety
  3. Just an FYI... My 2016 "bought brand new with no modifications" has these spacers. I was curious after I read this post and went out and checked just now. It's a CrewCab Denali with Magneride. Regards, Lou
  4. Much appreciated! Looks good on your bumper!
  5. Hey Stitch... I was interested in ordering these to protect the rear painted bumper on my 2016 Denali. I was going to order the ABS ready to paint and have it painted to match. How easy was the install and how good was the fit? Thanks, Lou
  6. Following up to my previous post... I had a chance fill up the tank with 93 octane this week and the truck pepped back up again. Not as peppy as it was before the bigger, heavier tires. But not as much power loss as I first experienced on the last tank. I'm convinced that the dealership filled up my tank with 87 octane last week. That being said, there is still a noticeable performance loss with these heavier tires, just not as bad as I first thought. Regards, Lou
  7. Yes, I had them use all of upper spacers. I don't think it actually made a 2.5" difference. More like 2.38". It fluctuates depending on how much fuel is in tank.What I found interesting is the inconsistencies of fender heights in relation of front to rear and side to side. On the driver side, there's about a 0.75 - 1" rake and on passenger side is more like a .80 - 1.10" rake. Could be that I have more tools and equipment stored on the driver side of vehicle? I've even noticed fender height inconsistencies between different brand new sierras while walking around the new car lots. Sometimes I measured 2WD Sierras with exact same wheels and tires measuring "higher" than some Z71 4WD Sierras? So many small factors and nuances make each truck sit and drive a little different. The main reason I went with SuspensionMaxx is that is the only kit my dealer was comfortable installing, especially where the Magneride was concerned. I can tell the Magneride sensors are just right because the truck still holds level in the turns but also loosens up on straight smooth roads. I'm still experimenting with air pressure. Even thought these tires are pretty quiet for an All Terrain, I'm still trying to get used to the stiffer ride of such a heavy tire. I definitely have noticed a little power loss at take-off and a little more applied braking needed with the additional weight of these tires. The truck seems to have lost a little bit of its nimbleness. It's a trade-off I suppose of much better (tougher) looks and higher stance at the sacrifice of performance and comfort. Didn't mean to rattle on...just my experience so far. ****** Edited because I think the dealership that installed the level kit may have filled my tank up with 87 octane fuel. The truck was empty when I brought it to them and full when I picked it up. I suppose they were trying to be nice. I won't know until I refuel but that may be why I'm noticing a sluggishness in the 6.2. Or it may just be from these new heavy tires. I'll report back ****** Regards, Lou
  8. Likewise! I actually like the color of yours better than mine. My 2014 Sierra was the WDT. Looks awesome and ALWAYS looks clean, even when it's dirty, LOL! This Iridium shows the pollen dust worse than black!
  9. There is still about 3/4" to 1" rake, depending on how much fuel in tank. I don't tow much, but I don't know how much tongue weight it would take to absorb that 1" rake. I had over 300 lbs behind the rear axle in the bed with 4 adults in the cab this weekend and it didn't budge. I "might" tow a motorcycle once every couple years, but that's about it so I didn't give too much concern to towing. Hope my answer was useful in some way. Regards, Lou
  10. Just for info.... This weekend, had dealer install 2.5" SuspensionMaxx front level and then new KO2 305/55/20. Running 39 psi front and 35 psi rear. Quiet on hwy and no rubbing. Not sure what the offset is on these Denali wheels, but they don't rub. I tried lock-to-lock in forward and reverse. Had my wife driving slowly while I monitored the tires. In reverse and full right turn, the passenger side tire just barely touches the liner. This is on flat ground in cull de sac. I was pleased Thanks, Lou
  11. Sweet, Thanks!! I only want a 2.5" front level. I suppose then just about any good leveling kit would work and my dealer should be able to recalibrate for me. I like the suspensionMaxx Kit, just not too impressed with the plastic spacers that are included with it. Seems like they would wear prematurely. Your solution seems like the way to go! Much appreciated, Lou
  12. Thanks for reporting back with your results! Question though..... How did you "recalibrate" the sensors? Did you lengthen the actuator extensions or did you re-zero the actuators electronically with a programmer? Thanks, Lou
  13. Truck looks Great!!! If you don't mind me asking, how were the Magneride sensors addressed? Or did you just have them removed? Forgive me if you already covered this question but I couldn't seem to find it in your posts. Thanks, Lou
  14. My opinion on this feature is to leave it turned "off" during normal day-to-day city driving because it's just going to be an annoyance. I see its benefit being on long HWY trips where fatigue, distraction or boredom may cause you to drift near the lane markers. May help you to appear to be a more focused driver to other vehicles ;-) Lou
  15. I had a chance to catch up and respond to this thread because I caught a break from meetings today as things got pushed till tomorrow, whew!! Thanks Haus_Z71!! I've heard nothing but good things about the Black Bear tuning! A little history on my decision....When I decided to purchase a tune for my 2014 SLT 5.3, I decided to either go BB or Diablew based on the recommendations of this forum. Seemed like those were the two prime choices, with some minor nuances between the two. The lesser cost and the ability to swap back to stock very quickly and conveniently and the more confident claims of being undetected by the dealer for warranty purposes with the inTune handheld is what tipped the balance of the scales on my decision to choose Diablew. So I purchased the $399 deal from Lew. Right after I purchased and installed the canned tune in my 5.3 was when I drove my brother's 2015 SLT with the 6.2 and really Loved it! That made me decide to trade up to the 2016 Denali w/ 6.2, so I did not get the custom tune from Lew yet as I was waiting until I took delivery of the new truck. I was impressed with the performance gains of the canned tune in my 5.3, but just didn't like the hard shifting. However I had not sent the logs to Lew yet to get my custom tune because I knew I was getting a new truck. All that being said, it would not make sense for me consider BB tuning at this time since I have already purchased the Diablew deal. After all the awesome things I've read here about Lew and Justin's tunes, I'm pretty confident that Lew is going to deliver me a custom tune to my liking. My only disappointment was when I discovered after the fact that Diablo doesn't support the 8spd tranny. I'm hoping that they will offer that soon. If the delay is too long...I will possibly look into the BB tune. Once again, thanks for all the helpful info and making me feel welcome to the forum!!! I will probably be here awhile since my wife has made me promise to keep this truck for at least 100K Miles, HaHaHa!! (I don't know why she puts up with me??) Thanks, Lou
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