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  1. Some junk box that was $100 on Amazon. I couldn’t seal it well without ripping the whole thing apart.
  2. You too? Mine does that too! Let me know what they do. But mine sounded like junk just due to the rattles, but I had rattles all over the console and then there was one I could never chase down on the passenger side. How did you temporarily fix it?
  3. Not to really bring up an old topic, but I had the JL Stealthbox and man does it rattle that center console. So much so that I ended up switching it for 2-12" Rockford Fosgate P3 Shallows in a box that fits under the rear seat, sounded great until the box decided to blow apart. I put some sound dampener all over the center console, but the rattles never stopped. I just kept chasing down rattle after rattle, and with these new trucks being so quiet from the factory, it really ticks me off to hear any vibration.

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