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  1. Double check this for sure, but this should give you an idea http://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oe-gm/25932421
  2. Within the next couple of weeks I plan on being in a NNBS (2007.5 - 2011 range) Sierra/Silverado 1500. It will be either a extended cab or crew cab I dont wanna make numerous threads so I was just going to post up a couple questions in this one thread. First off, I dont want to notch the frame, but I want to lower it. Going to go with helper bags for ride quality as well. Who knows maybe down the road Ill get a bass boat. I dont know if I want to run 22's or 24's. Ideally Id want 24's to help with the fender gap. Plus these NNBS fenders seems like it swallows any size wheel. The problem I dont want to run into with 24's and dropping it really low is I dont want to have to run rubberbands on it. The roads here in Oklahoma arent good by any means. I dont wanna hit a pot hole or uneven pavement and bend/ruin a wheel and knock down a tire. So, I need some info on realistic tire sizes Id be able to run on 24's with the drop I desire. Just from browsing the internet and a couple other truck forums, Ive found trucks with stances that Id like to shoot for. The only issue I have with trying to emulate these stances is the fact that it seems like everything is different and doesnt fall in line with the same set up on another truck. Ive seen trucks that were supposedly dropped 3-5 that looked more like 2-4. Ive seen 4-6 that looked more like a 3-5 and also 4-6 that looked more like a 5-7. My goal is to have as little fender gap as possible, while not compromising too much on ride quality. But if it comes down to a decision having to be made, Id definitely sacrifice more ride quality for better looks. Ill post up a couple pics of the those stances I mentioned: Im not sure what any of the trucks pictured have had done to them in terms of their stances. Can I get some insight on if this attainable without notching the frame? Any and all suggestions, input, and opinions are wanted and welcome. Thanks!
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