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  1. You wouldnt happen to have any pictures or anything would you? You wouldnt happen to have any pictures or anything would you? You wouldnt happen to have any pictures or anything would you?
  2. Yeah I saw those, great product, but not exactly what I am looking for as far as a look. They come in brushed aluminum which seems like it would clash with the chrome. And I like the look of the individual LEDs closer together like the 16 or the Sierra, not so spread apart. My plan is get a LED strip with the 3M adhesive like suggested earlier, but I want it to be hidden when not lit up and not have the LED strip be visible. I am going to use a clear polycarbonate or plexi and make a cover that will hopefully fit and adhere seamlessly with a smoked/tinted film. I just thought it would be a lot easier to work with if I could remove the plastic piece I'm attaching it to as apposed to working on it while still attached to the truck.
  3. Thanks for the reply! Why do I need to remove the chrome surround? That seems like a lot of work just for getting the plastic black piece off. Will the black piece not separate otherwise?
  4. Has anyone taken apart a 14-15 Chevy headlight before? Im curious about the black plastic piece that divides the chrome from the high beam housing and low beam housing. Has anyone attempted to remove this piece? And successfully reapplied it with breaking anything? My goal is to fabricate a piece integrated with a LED light strip similar to the 16 headlight look. Thanks in advance
  5. So I have a 15 silverado and want to run a LED strip in the gap between the high been and low beams. On that black plastic piece. But I want to remove it to make it nice and fit perfectly and seal the strip with strip of plastic and make it waterproof. Has anyone ever tried to pop that plastic piece off before? I dont want to do it and break it. I know putco sells these, but im dont want to drop $150.
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