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  1. Thanks, yes never know when you'll need them off or change in set up so I run quick disconnect on everything
  2. I got some led strips on Amazon and our quick disconnects on them In case the steps had to come off, and I covered them in chip guard to help keep them on and clean
  3. This is a 6 way switch I got on Amazon for 145 alot easier run 1 wire through the firewall had a fuse box with relays awesome set up and fit perfect
  4. Keep up the pics guys I have done too much to mine to list them all but I'll post pics soon
  5. Apparently I need help with this I have fired light bars back up lights fog lights everything but I can't get this one I added diodes to work with cargo light and back ups but I can't get the fogs with high beam to work I've easily tried 20 times 1 or 2 diodes each direction tried everything and can't get it need some help I've got hid headlights and have 2 led cubes for fog lights with the factory switch not sure if it going to make a difference I have a 2015 silver rally edition not sure if the wiring was changed from 14 or not
  6. I've read so many of these and it still seams unclear to me, I have a 2015 Silverado rally edition it and just installed the switch with the 4 aux lights and I have cargo lights and traction control, I don't not have the prongs in my fuze box for this but I all ready have wires run to switches now but want to change them into this switch what's the best way
  7. i have a 2015 silverado 5.3 and a k and n cold air intake but from talking to many people with dyno shops and past experience that have found better intakes, so i will b getting a volant or s and b, also have a cat back exhaust, and ive been trying to decide what to use for a tuner, i havent herd anything good about edge, i am planning on getting the new sct x4 has anyone had any good luck with them ?
  8. I'm new to this site and was hoping someone could help me out, I have a 2015 silverado I have a rough country 3.5 lift with 305 55 20s my wheels r kmc xd series I have posi 18 offset wish I would of gone neg, I'm gunna use hub centric wheel spacer I don't need to cut my studs becuase my wheels have the cut outs, so I'm thinkin of doing 1. 1.25, or 1.50 spacers anyone know wut I could fit without rubbing
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