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  1. An entire paintable z71 grill runs about $600 iirc. I have the pn in my email somewhre if you're interested. I do not know if they are factor painted or if they come black and paintable. If the latter, you'd stil need it painted at additional cost. The good news is that installing the grill is super easy.
  2. If you've looked at the back of the girll, you are correct in that the plastic trim can be removed with screws and a few clips from the inner grill. It's plastic, not fiberglass. I do not know of each individual piece has a part number that we can order, though.
  3. That buys an awful lot of lightbulbs. And yet I still want these for some reason..
  4. Yea, car-part.com will be useful too, but I think the trucks are still too new, and LTZs less common than LTs.. they'll still keep a hefty price for mint condition ones. I've been looking at the aftermarket ones. They're not exact clones, and they're not going to be oem quality, so I've avoided it, since I don't want my shiny newish truck rearended.
  5. Last I heard these factory LED tails were SUPER expensive. Has anyone found a cheaper way to get them? I mean they were like $600 EA or something.
  6. I had a weird issue the other day. I kept getting a "check gas cap" warning. After a few days of ignoring it (I just knew I had put my gas cap on properly) it threw a tantrum and tripped a CEL. I pulled over and opened the fuel door and the cap fell out! Since resealing it and checking that its firmly attached every time I fill up I haven;'t noticed the rough idle. Seems unlikely to be related.. but..?? My truck has 7000 miles on it now. It seems to do this far less often than it used to.
  7. If Chevy Cut WiFi Costs In Half Would You Use It?

    Hrmm.. I am on the road a lot and this would be very useful when I need to pull over and attend a roadside webex (it happens....) I normally use my company's free verizon card though. I have a feeling though that the truck might get better reception than that little usb dongle, but.. idk.. I dont like the idea of the data expiring. I dont know when I'll need it.
  8. Sorry to hear that I gave up on mine. If it blows it blows.. so long as its within 60k miles.. whatever. Just hope it doesn't seriously injure me. If I ever buy a new vehicle again (the financial 8ball has some pretty nasty things to say these days when I ask it questions) I'll probably try ford again, unless they ojnly have 1.0L "gas saver" baby motors like they seem to be heading toward. Then.. idk.. toyota?
  9. Help me un-ugly my 2016

    You gotta replace both entire headlight assembles though. Not worth it. I jus found out recently too that ABM is a 2016 only color, so we wont likely see very many factory painted takeoff parts in the future. Oh well.. my fault for not paying for 4wd just so that i could have a painted front end..
  10. The taillights new are like $600 each, headlights for an LTZ about $800 each, for an LT about $600 each. Bumper $440, grill $600, lower valence with chrome insert adds up to about $450. You saved a boatload if you did this with used parts. I just wanted to do a simple LTZ swap on my truck and I was looking at over $1200 (excluding headlights).. I gave up. Nice work! Now you STILL have a nicer truck than mine will ever be.
  11. Amber headlight modification

    It's a bulb in LT trucks, no LED turn signals. we just have the LED DRLs and HID headlights instead of LED.
  12. Amber headlight modification

    They're still pretty new, looks like 2017 will have these headlights too so. maybe in a year or 2 we'll see some from those clear lense people that made the clears for the 2014/15s. Still have to do some major disassembly of the headlight to get there though.
  13. Personally I really dislike the front end of my truck. The LTZ looks fine, and the Z71 paint color looks awesome, but LT 2wd front ends? Yuck. It's far too expensive to fix though, and I couldn't afford the extra $6k or whatever to get a z71 new.. so.. I've just been trying to get used to it. It's not in my avatar pic but I've added chrome wheel skins to my 18" split spokes, stainless factory running boards, window trim, door handles mirror caps and door trim. It looks much better..
  14. if you have 18" split spokes you can get matte and gloss black wheel skins and give it a shot. I've considered it but.. I'm not going to do anything I dont think.

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