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  1. Finally!! It’s too late for me, hopefully they can help you guys. They havent been helpful to me at all in the past several years. I’m sad to see what GM has become since I was such a proud die-hard, but if I’m being honest I wish I’d swallowed my pride and listened to my brother sooner, I could have saved myself a lot of time and money. My Ram is head and shoulders above my late model GMs.
  2. I’ve heard this argument a lot, and i agree that the IFS has more ground clearance but only up front, and that always seemed to get me into more trouble when it came to high centering. My 74 on the other hand handles snow, mud, woodsy areas, and other stuff better than my 16 Dmax did by far. It wasn’t even a comparison. In fact, none of our Dmaxs did/do well in snow, even with a good A/T. Whether it’s the IFS or not, I’m not sure, but I ran fresh tracks through snow up to about 3” above the bottom of my door in my Ram about 2 weeks ago and it didn’t skip a beat. All I have on it so far are a set of 35” General Grabber A/Tx, but that’s what I ran on my Dmax too.
  3. Follow up on the CAL and maybe they’ll refund the truck! Haha
  4. I know all about that crap man, which is why I traded up. I was pretty die-hard GM until my last two trucks, but by that point I was done. Can’t say enough how happy I am with my Ram, I’ve started replacing my fleet Silverados and Sierras with Rams too after a bunch of crap from the dealer and other repairs. I had a 2015 3500 HD DRW utility truck with 71k and the turbo went, took it to the dealer in May and they told me it was because of improper emissions equipment maintenence...at 71k. They at least split the cost so it only cost $2800 to have replaced. Then the same truck lost the radiator in July, which I had to pony up for. Not to mention fuel pump and injector problems through the years. I’ve lost more money in down time on those trucks in the past 12-15 years than they cost up front combined.
  5. Oh, yeah you dodged a bullet there. My 2006 didn’t have the system and it never had a death wobble but it did go through bushings and such like crazy. Hopefully they’ve made things better since then. I do use my trucks off road quite a bit but by the miles I have on my new truck I’d have already had to do ball joints and control arm bushings on my Dmaxs. Not to mention CVs
  6. Just read some of the other guys who posted on my thread and this isn’t the only thread out there about it.
  7. I thought the same when I picked up my 2016 but it was not good. I’ve also talked to quite a few guys that have had the same issues even with their Vortec trucks. I’ve become a lot more skeptical that GM is just really good at making us think what they want us to haha. In the words of Tommy Boy, “they could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves!” I’m really happy with my Ram and if they keep making their trucks like this they’ll keep having my business.
  8. Yeah, I’ve got a 74 K30 with a NP435 and a front Dana 60, it’s does what a truck should. When they made the switch to IFS I felt like they were trying to make them more like cars and less like work horses and man I had some problems with the steering system on my latest Dmax. The 2008 I had before that went through ball joints and control arm bushings like they were candy and I finally switched up to the new model which was a mistake. I’ve got 88k on my Cummins and haven’t had a single problem with it, honestly think I should have taken my brothers advice years ago. The interior and everything is nicer and it does better in the snow and mud than my Dmaxs did.
  9. Haha, true, haven’t been here since I posted that and as much as it hurts me to say, my new truck is great. I just wish Chevy still made manual trans/straight axle trucks.
  10. Did some homework on this thing too and the tranny is a Mercedes G56 which they've used in 2.5 ton and up Mercedes HD trucks and the rear end is the same AAM 11.5 as my Duramax was but this has 4:10 gears. Towing is a dream! This jake brake is amazing, brakes should last forever. My brother has always bought Cummins with sticks and has run 3 of his over 600k with no problems...he always liked to rub that in my face since my Chevys were always needing a trans or something every 100k or so. I've been manipulated but I can't find a single thing I don't like about this truck!
  11. It's true, I think it only has about 610 lbft of torque but at least it will last forever. That combined with not feeling like I'm a soccer mom driving a mini van feels a heck of a lot better haha. I don't think I'll ever go back to the automatic.
  12. Well, it kills me to say it but this new ram is a pretty decent truck. Everything feels so much more solid and heavy duty than my Silverado did. Sorry guys, I know you probably hate to hear it. I just can't believe how great it feels to drive a standard shift again, makes me feel like my tough old grandpa, who would rather die than drive automatic. I think we've become too lazy. Bid you the best
  13. The Dodge dealer knows all about it, I made sure of that. They said they've had three of these traded in for the same problem since 2014 (who knows, dealers say a lot of things) Took a pretty decent hit on it but it wasn't worth driving or having my wife drive it. If I waited to have it happen again it may have been the last thing I ever did. At least my new truck has a clutch, getting used to this again makes me feel 16 again! Lovin it
  14. Traded it for a 6 speed Cummins last night. We will see how this goes
  15. Having one hell of a morning with this thing!! Went out to start and let it warm up and right away the cel comes on. I let it run for about 5 minutes, it ain't cold out so tried to put it in gear and the damn thing won't move. Just revs. These automatics are CRAP!!! What happened to the stick shifts??? This is the 2nd time this has happened and the first required a rebuild. After all the problems with my 06 trans, I want a stick, I'm done!! Looks like I'll be going to the dodge dealer soon, atvleadt they offer a stick!
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