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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, I see those temps while plowing. I have a 7.5 fisher that I angle while I travel and temps are fine while traveling. I do like the idea of adding a cooler. I read a post about someone adding an external filter, maybe I could do that with an extra cooler. I think adding a drain plug to the pan and an external filter would make servicing it a lot easier
  2. Hey guys don’t post a lot but have a question about the transmission thermostat. I live in northern Maine and I plow my dooryard with my 2016 Chevy 1500 crew. I have noticed on warmer days plowing my transmission temp reaches 230 or so but I have never seen a warning light. I always let it cool back to 190 when I am done, but was wondering if bypassing the thermostat would help it run cooler. It doesn’t run that high that long but for the long haul would it be better to bypass it. Didn’t know if running it that hot would harm it. Also it is still under warranty so should I wait to do it. Thanks bryan
  3. I live in the county and plow with my 16 crewcab. I have a fisher 7.5 HD and it handles it fine. I only carry it when I have to and have almost 3 seasons on it with no problems. I know it’s not a v plow but with my back drag setup and bar I run on my trip edge it is close to the weight of a v plow. I have a leveling kit and some sumo spring coils up front. I plow my driveway and a few here and there so like I said I only carry it when I have to and I have good luck with it. With the minute mount system it is very easy to hitch up.
  4. So I hooked up my old mirrors last night and I am having the same issue with the old ones. I looked the wiring over and all I can think is my switch is bad. I put my test light on the mirror harness and my test light lights up on the left and right pins, but it won't light up on the up and down pins. The only thing I can think of is my switch is bad.
  5. So is it ok to use a wire instead of a diode? I bought some diodes and they seem to be way to small, used a piece of wire and everything works. Just wondering if the wire is okay for the long run Thanks
  6. It is just weird that I can move the passenger mirror while the selector switch is in the neutral position
  7. I have a 2016 LT 4x4. My stock mirrors were just power and heated. I then switched to aftermarket tow mirrors that were power and heated, the older style ones. I then switched to the newer tow mirrors and now they are acting funny. The heat works but I can move a mirror when the selector switch is in the neutral position and they do what my earlier post says. I wonder if I bent a pin o. The harness or something.
  8. Hey guys, a while back I swapped to aftermarket tow mirrors, the old style. After seeing the new style on my dads hd I bought some off eBay from dt moto. Got them installed last night and now I have a weird problem. My drivers side won't go up or down, and the passenger side will only tilt in. The weird part is no matter where the mirror selector is if I push the adjustment button left both mirrors operate. Not sure what is going on. Any ideas Thanks Bryan
  9. Thanks guys, not looking for anything crazy, just want it to sound like a truck, should this muffler do the trick? Going to leave the flapper and resonator, maybe try bolting the flapper open
  10. Will the magnaflow 12909 work on a 2016 with a 5.3? Didn't know what size the 5.3 exhaust is. Looking to just replace the stock muffler Thanks Bryan
  11. Would programming the afm out make it more reliable?
  12. What do you mean about a cracked dash?There is a small crack on the passenger side, is this a deal breaker?
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