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  1. Radio swap problems

    You can't just swap radios and have them work. GM has a bulletin out (doc id 4962277) that states due to the global architecture of the vehicle you cant swap modules from vehicle to vehicle this includes the radio. So whatever you're trying to do, most likely isn't going to work.
  2. 6 month truck report

    I don't think its a design flaw, i think they are trying not to have a run-away truck like the Toyota's. I have them in my truck and love them,+
  3. 6 month truck report

    https://gmaccessories.chromedata.com/RichContent/GM/16_CHE_SIL_FLL_01.JPGHere is the front ones
  4. 6 month truck report

    GM does offer actual "floor liners' similar to the weather tech. https://gmaccessories.chromedata.com/RichContent/GM/16_CHE_SIL_FLL_11.JPG
  5. Help with tq spec

    17 lb ft for sway bar endlink nut. 140 lb ft for lug nuts
  6. i personally go 5,000 between oil changes and tire rotations. Going by the oil life monitor will depend on your driving ( lots of city, lots of highway, or a combination of both). I personally drive mainly highway and after 5,00 miles my olm was at 45%.
  7. Cleaning inside high country

    I use the GM leather cleaner #88861405 and Conditioner #88861406. Both work great for me.

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