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  1. The process is in the owners manual.But If you RE use them you should not have to RE program them I do believe.I would still RE calibrate though due to probably running different air pressure with your new set up if your going with a complete different tire and wheel ratio.
  2. $2100 paid $2650 for them. Purchased complete set from vittore wheel and tire out of north Carolina. 99% tread left. 65mi on complete set after this weekend .
  3. I purchased this set up a week ago and I'm kicking my self for not getting a bigger wheel like I first wanted. So now I'm looking to sell these. I have the sensors installed, already been polished and sealed ready to roll. Only have about 30 miles on complete set. 20X9 replicas G04 305/55/20 nitto trail grapplers . I can text or email you more pictures of needed. Located in Winchester va but wil travel to meet buyer. Paid 2650 for these will sell for 2200. National back order on these wheels for 4-8 weeks as well.
  4. I did the 2.5" and fit a 305/55 (33X12) with ease.
  5. Studs are a little under 1.5" long. You'll be good to go
  6. You'll be able to RE use the same sensors out of your older wheels. Shouldn't have to install new ones
  7. I use shine supply quick detail spray. Great products !
  8. I use a spray on but I spray it on a paint brush and then just apply it that way. Works pretty well.
  9. New to the forum. This is my first gas truck since high school. Been running diesels for the past few years and decided to step up to something newer. Pretty satisfied so far with my 2016 silverado z71. Bought it bone stock and been slowly doing some upgrades over the past few weeks.
  10. 2016 silverado 2.5 rough country leveling kit 20x9 replica G04 305/55 nitto trail grapplers Diablo sport trinity
  11. I have some 20X9 gmc Sierra replica wheels I just bought and installed last weekend with 305/55 nitto trail grapplers if you are interested? I am kicking my self for not going with a bigger wheel due to personal preference so just looking to sell these. Brand new condition. Let me know if your interested
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