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  1. You can buy the rear axle, springs and shocks to get the important parts of the package. I think the point was that legally it wouldn't pass if you were sued in an accident that was caused by being overloaded. The odds of that happening are exceptionally remote, imo. I'd do it without hesitation. The axle upgrade is marginal, btw. I'd swap the springs and shocks and replace the axle only if it failed. My truck is a 2016 Sierra w/ Max Trailering Package
  2. Before you get into it any deeper, make sure the gas cap is on tightly. Drive it a few times. If it doesn't clear, buy a new gas cap (they're cheap).
  3. Any chance your phone was laying in the passenger seat? The wife's CTS-V does that.
  4. Was it sold as part of a commercial fleet originally? 5/100 (miles) is still the warranty on 2020 models. 5/100 for individual sales ended in 2016 from what I've found.
  5. Further update. I think I found the answer! GM coverage on COMMERCIAL vehicle sales is/was 5yr/100k miles. This truck was sold to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation as a Commercial vehicle (see pic). Now I just need to see if GM will honor it and get as much done between now and the end date as I can.
  6. I did, but this isn't it (it's 3rd party). I do have an update, though... So.....I called GMC at the number provided at mygmc.com. That warranty is in Kilometers as it was first sold in Canada as a commercial vehicle. Converting to miles, that was a 5yr/100k mile warranty. That supposedly ended after the 2015 model year. I'm trying to find out why mine has it. The guy at GMC said to contact the dealer. I doubt they know. Is it a Canadian thing? A commercial sale thing? A mistake? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  7. Is this just a typo or is there some other warranty I'm not aware of?
  8. If you buy the On3 kit, ditch the oil evacuation pump and tap into the oil pan (just below the rail) or the timing cover for a gravity drain (-10AN size, no smaller). The pump is unreliable. This prevents it from being a complete "bolt-on" but do you want easy or do you want reliable?
  9. Probably won't. It's really clean and complete. Doesn't need much. I love junkyard diving though! I keep a running list in my phone of things I want/need on my next trip.
  10. Thanks. I bought some for a 2005 1500HD I had a few years ago but can't find any emails or remember where I bought them. I'll put a mic on them and find something that'll fit. Not doing a 100 point restoration, just capping the holes.
  11. Anyone know the part number for these plugs? There are 2 in each front door, side by side, on the latch end of the door (about the size of a dime). Thanks, Richard
  12. '16 Sierra with the 8" screen. Has Apple Play but from my reading it needs an update to the system to be able to use Android Auto. Correct? It is out of original warranty (but I bought a 2/25K with it). Is the dealer the only option? Cost? Any members here or aftermarket companies doing this stuff? Thanks/
  13. I was setting up the memory seats in my "new to me" '16 Sierra today. I had to run all 3 buttons through their function before it would let me reprogram any of them. Weird.
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