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  1. Thanks again for the current info Honda guy. You can worry about your money not mine as far as flushing it . 3 miles a gallon less is well worth not having a truck that rough idle clunks and gets confused on what gear to be in like you said very high tech. Maybe you should take advantage of the $12,000 rebate and get your self a new one of these high tech trucks those big rebates should really help the value of your truck. Again thanks for that most current one guys issue has a lot of value . Shows a lot of high intellect
  2. My 2015 6.2 Denali had same issue dealer put washers in tota bs didn't work have no fix but I fixed it traded it in on a 2017 Toyota Tundra and love it done after 15 gm cars and trucks
  3. My problem is fixed after 15 gm cars and trucks and no customer service my problem is fixed traded on Toyota Tundra and love it . I never buy another gm product!
  4. any real solutions to all the above complaints i have a 2015 sierra denali 6.2 that at a red light shakes bad in seat only as day goes on in morning its fine once up to temperature the problem starts! Anyone have dealer put coil pacs or wires on it, can it be a torque converter? I'm at my whits end with this truck and about to trade for a toyota truck which is a shame love the truck when liberation starts hate the truck. gm corporate has been useless on this issue
  5. anybody have issues with coil pacs or spark plug wires on a 2015 6.2 sierra? could that be the shake at idle in gear after reach temp?
  6. Even with a truck with 9000 miles on it? Idle at 500rpm in drive at stop light seems low hopefully a go gm tuner will work anyone now of someone good at this that can raise rpm from 500 to 6 or 700 rpm? Thanks john
  7. Only help is I'm not alone thanks for the thread! Who would you guys recommend for a tuner to raise rpms and tune to hopeful fix this problem since gm can't? John
  8. first post to this board hope someone has had similar problem and a solution. i have a new 2015 gmc sierra 6.2 denali with 9000 miles that at red light shakes seat console at a stop in gear its intermittent but gets worse longer day goes. I can bump into neutral it goes away in park goes away in drive shakes at a stop. Took to dealer put washers in both mounts did nothing to solve issue.Took back said they re programmed the torque converter not sure about that one , it did nothing to fix problem. Any ideas? Should i push for new trans and torque converter? thanks john frustrated owner
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