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  1. Correct, I have the normal window on the passenger side and a windoor on the driver's side. As you said it opens upward and there is no screen so you can access the cargo easily. My wife prefers a screen to keep bugs out when we sleep in it. I'll velcro'd screen on the drivers side then. Many of the new shells do not have windows that open very far, the rear portion just flexes outwards, they aren't as nice if you want to use them to sleep in because of the reduced ventilation.
  2. I figured it out.. got to push in the middle section while pulling towards the engine compartment.
  3. I've got the dash apart, but I can't get the hood release latch off the knee bolster. The .pdf shows a zigzag pattern to remove the latch mechanism, ... I've tried wiggling, pulling, pushing and prying the 3 clips that hold it on... with no luck. Can anyone advise me on how to get the hood release latch off the panel?
  4. Crutchfield has advisors you can email. I asked them the same question for my Chevy non-Bose and they suggested some JBL's that have a hi sensitivity (93). 6x9 front doors, 6.5 rear doors. They should arrive tomorrow.
  5. It's the same. I purchased it at Battle Born Offroad. They had a lower price + a store discount. If you want to purchase thru Baja Design, just call them and they'll pretty much give you a 10% discount. Here's a photo of the box & light, then another photo of the switches I don't like.
  6. Sorry, I missed that! $524.96 for the bar, complete wiring kit with terminals, plugs & switches and the mounts.
  7. I installed the Baja Design 20" bar on Monday. It's a fairly simple install as they send the brackets and the electrical cable from battery to dash switch. You can watch a couple videos on YouTube to learn how to get the grill off. But be warned you don't take the grill all the way off, you tilt the top forward so you can reach in and loosen the 4 bolts that hold the mounts on. They slide into a space at the bottom of the grill, so the grill needs to be on. I took the switches off the wires, taped them to a wire snake and pushed them thru a rubber "nipple" that Chevy puts on each side of the firewall for future wire runs. You need to cut the tip of the nipple off to thread the snake/wire thru. It was pretty tight so I squirted some silicon spray on it, then it went in pretty easy. It comes out in the cab above the gas pedal. I have finished with the install of the switches, because I don't like the ones Baja Design includes. They don't match anything in the truck. I'll wait to find better switches that look more "stock". Here's a photo of the hi beams, then the LED bar:
  8. Thanks for the help guys...I'm wanting something I can use to lift the truck with a highlift jack and also get protection from rocks, since I live in Southern UT. I found a company that makes sliders for full size Chevy's but they don't have the template for the 2019+ models. I'm seeing if they want to use my truck for a template.
  9. I haven't been able to find any company that makes rock sliders for the 2019 Silverado. Has anyone else been able to locate a company that manufactures them?
  10. My 2019 LT (All Star) has the tow package with the 220amp alternator. Does anyone know the wire gauge going to the trailer 7 pin electrical connection? I'm wondering if it is large enough to actually charge the batteries on a travel trailer, or if it's undersized and has is too much resistance. I remember 10 - 15 years ago, when I had an RV trailer, the general recommendations on RV forums was to upgrade the wire to get more current into the trailer's batteries.Is this still recommended? Thanks guys, Trvlngnrs
  11. Hi, when my iPhone 11 connects to the infotainment center via bluetooth, my Contacts appear but my Favorites do not. Is there something I have to do to make them load? Thanks for the help! Trvlngnrs
  12. Does this prevent the ringer volume be being decreased if you need to go to a meeting and push the side button to lower the volume?
  13. I took mine off. I also removed the metal clips that the screws engage so I'd have them if I ever wanted to reinstall the dam.
  14. I'm thinking I'd like an outlet in the bed when I install my topper in a couple weeks. I just purchased this 12V port and will use this pure sine wave inverter. I need to check my power tools, but I think 300w will recharge them, not sure though. I'll run 8g wire from the front to the rear to power the port. I'm leary of putting in a 3000w inverter, I'm afraid I'd kill the battery stranding me somewhere while camping.
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