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  1. I believe it's an Alpine. I had a 600w alpine amp put in for a 10" JL Audio sub.
  2. I had mine installed under and to the left of the radio volume button. I find I adjust the bass quite a bit, depending on the songs, so I wanted to reach it easily.
  3. Currently I only have a light bar hooked up. It came with the wiring harness and a switch, but I didn't like the switch. These are on Amazon, They were around $8-$9 apiece. The two switches on the right aren't snapped in completely, so they'll be easy to pull out to wire up when I get the other lights (rear and A-pillar or fog..not sure yet).
  4. I installed rocker switches. I prefer bigger ones with labels that are easily identifiable vs numbers, since the location is partially obstructed by the steering wheel.
  5. Yes, I've tried 3 of them with MP3, AAC, FLAC, AAIF... sometimes the MP3 worked but stopped... I think it's a formatting issue... I've tried the different formats my MacBook has: MS-DOS, ExFAT, Mac OS Extended but when I plug it in, Eether nothing happens or the "Indexing files" bar moves about ½" then just stays there and stops advancing
  6. That's encouraging, I still can't figure it out. I know the USB outlet is good because I'm running my iPod thru it, but that only has 16gb's. Do you know what format your USB drive is? Fat32, etc?
  7. I want to follow up on this and tell you how to manually enter your favorites. They can be manually entered by going thru the truck's touchscreen, opening up "Contacts" then push the star next to each contact you want to have in your "Favorites". Depending on how many Favorites you have, it may be a little time consuming, but at least you'll have them!
  8. It's a 32gb drive with 15gb used. I just converted everything to .aac in 4 folders on the thumb drive: Blues, Mellow Rock, Vocals & Jazz. The blues folder is fine, the other 3 are mixed together on the trucks stereo despite being separated on the drive. I'm researching group tag programs for Apple computers now.
  9. Hi, I have a 2019 1500, LT, AllStar w the non-Bose 8" touchscreen. I keep all my music for my home stereo on a thumb drive in lossless files (.aif or .flac). These aren't working on the truck. I called Chevy and a lady who I don't know if she understood the question put me on hold for 10 minutes then said the file types supported are .mp3 and .aac. On one Chevy forum was a copy of an owners manual that said that flac, ogg, mp3, aac, 3gp files are supported. I'd like to keep a lossless file format (flac), can any of you confirm which audio file formats work on the USB thumb drive?
  10. Correct, I have the normal window on the passenger side and a windoor on the driver's side. As you said it opens upward and there is no screen so you can access the cargo easily. My wife prefers a screen to keep bugs out when we sleep in it. I'll velcro'd screen on the drivers side then. Many of the new shells do not have windows that open very far, the rear portion just flexes outwards, they aren't as nice if you want to use them to sleep in because of the reduced ventilation.
  11. I figured it out.. got to push in the middle section while pulling towards the engine compartment.
  12. I've got the dash apart, but I can't get the hood release latch off the knee bolster. The .pdf shows a zigzag pattern to remove the latch mechanism, ... I've tried wiggling, pulling, pushing and prying the 3 clips that hold it on... with no luck. Can anyone advise me on how to get the hood release latch off the panel?
  13. Crutchfield has advisors you can email. I asked them the same question for my Chevy non-Bose and they suggested some JBL's that have a hi sensitivity (93). 6x9 front doors, 6.5 rear doors. They should arrive tomorrow.
  14. It's the same. I purchased it at Battle Born Offroad. They had a lower price + a store discount. If you want to purchase thru Baja Design, just call them and they'll pretty much give you a 10% discount. Here's a photo of the box & light, then another photo of the switches I don't like.
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